Let “Focus on Finance Month” Begin! October challenges to get us ready for Christmas!


Well, Freebs, #Shelftember is officially over. (How’d it go, by the way??) Now that it’s October, it’s time to whip our wallets into shape! Christmas is only 84 days away if you can believe it (*breathes into paper bag), which means we are in the thick of the most expensive time of the year for most of us. To keep us all on track and get us ready for the most expensive season of the year, it's time for a Focus on Finance Month-Long Challenge!

I have created a calendar of simple week-long challenges that will help us save upwards of $500-$1000 (or more!) in a single month, to help us all get AHEAD this Christmas season. Whether the money needs to go toward paying down those pesky credit cards, or whether it will give you cash for Christmas, you can't go wrong with focusing on spending habits, budgets, and delayed gratification for a month.

Here's how Focus on Finance Month will work, and how to snag your FREE challenge calendar…

STEP 1…snag your FREE calendar!

FREE month-long Focus on Finance Challenge calendar! Such a good way to kick-start the budget for Christmas! From FunCheapOrFree.com


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Now, check your email for the calendar, and follow along with the challenges all month long!  In addition fo the calendar, be sure to follow this blog and Instagram or Facebook for more tips, details, and ideas.

STEP 2: Start the first challenge…TODAY!

We are kicking off Focus on Finance Month with a crowd favorite…

how to do a spending freeze! Video and post, SUCH good info!

That’s right! Starting tomorrow (or today if you saw it on Instagram), no spending money for 7 whole days! The ONLY exceptions to the rule are

  • 1) Bills that can’t wait and can’t be paid in advance
  • 2) ACTUAL emergencies (not “my son forgot his lunch”, emergency).

Leave your wallet at home, make dinner at home instead of eating out for your date night, COMMIT and you won’t regret it! Keep in mind, the point is not to put OFF spending as much as it is to ELIMINATE spending.

Head to the store today to grab a few quick things you need to tide you over for the week. Because of #Shelftember, you now know you do NOT need much to get you by!! This is not the zombie apocalypse, Freebs! Grab a FEW things then, starting tomorrow, NO SPENDING MONEY (in person OR online) for 7 whole days. No eating out, no shopping, no groceries or coffee runs, nada.

Then, every dime you would have spent during that week, physically remove it from your bank account and put it toward debt, or put it into a savings account for Christmas.

Check out this video and blog post for way more info on doing a spending freeze:

Yes, I’m springing this on you last-minute on purpose so you don’t have time to overthink it. IT’S ONLY 7 DAYS! I promise you won’t die! Many of us will save $500 or more just this week alone. I believe in balance, AND a good kick-start, so that's what we are doing! I've created an entire calendar of challenges, tips, and things to do to not only kick-start the best budget of your life, but it allows you to live normally and create lifelong habits.

STEP 3: Set goals

Take some time today to write down at least one or two goals for the month. Don't overdo it! I suggest it to be a small, attainable goal that can be accomplished in 30 days or less. Make it doable, but make it tough! If you have a specific number or goal in mind, it makes the challenges far more motivating and even fun to do! Otherwise it's just “work”. My goal is to save $500 by month's end to go toward Christmas!

Again, be sure to sign up to get the calendar and blog posts sent to your inbox, so you don't have to worry about checking in every day!

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I hope you join me this month in whipping your wallet into shape.

Are you in?? If so, what is your goal? What will the saved money go toward?


*fist bump*





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  1. AvatarMorgan says

    I just went grocery shopping today having not seen this today and thought, “What would Jordan say about my trip and where I can improve, and how in the world are we going to do Christmas on what we’ve saved so far…”
    I am going to do this. Now to get the hubs on board so we can knock our budget into shape! ??

  2. AvatarDanne says

    I’m excited to get started on this challenge!! I do have two kids birthday’s in November which makes saving for Christmas challenging! I know I need to start saving earlier in the year. Do you have any other suggestions to help with this type of situation?

  3. AvatarToni Berry says

    The money I save will go toward Christmas with my two sons! The three of us will be celebrating Christmas twice this year because my 19 year old son is a U.S. Marine and his first deployment will be in December. Therefore, his 17 year old brother and I are VERY grateful that he gets to come home for 2 weeks in November prior to his deployment! We are so very proud of him for choosing to protect and serve our country. God is good!

  4. AvatarStephanie B says

    I love love love your blog and you tube channel. I just found it while I was watching doitonadime and I have been lying in bed sick. So I have been binge watching your channel all week. My goal this month is to stick to the $100 per week for groceries for our family of 4! Here goes nothin!!!

  5. AvatarTiffany says

    This couldn’t be better timing! I just gave birth to number 2 less than two weeks ago and have really wanted to buckle down on budgeting and saving. I just found you yesterday and I can’t believe the help and motivation I am already experiencing! Here’s to our new “friendship”! Thanks for doing what you do!!

  6. AvatarTara says

    I did the spending freeze this year and it wasn’t as hard as last year!!!! I’m grateful for new tips and tricks for life ♥️❤️♥️

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