Fit for Summer 10 Pound Challenge!

10 pound challenge for June. All the tools you need to lose a quick 10lbs before summer! I'm so doing this! From

I interrupt my oh-so-lovely-and-lazy trip back home to Oregon to bring you an important announcement:

*UPDATE: Registration for the challenge is now open!! Click HERE for all the info and to join by June 7!*

You are probably aware of a few things…1) Summer is right around the corner, and pools are opening left and right. 2) My back is rebelling against me, and it's mostly because my core isn't strong enough (yes, I know, you'd think I would've learned the first hundred times I was told) plus I'm already gaining weight with this pregnancy because mentally I've given up on wanting to eat healthy (naughty Jordan!).

All of these things have been causing me great distress as of late and have inspired me to do something about it! Thus, I introduce to you…


Applaud. Groan. Either way, hear me out!

If you remember, last July my family and I did a 10 pound challenge to get us fit and trim for the summer, and kick-start a larger weight-loss/fitness goals. It was so successful, why not share the love? June is “Focus on Summer” month for our Focused in '14 monthly challenges after all, so it's the perfect time to kick summer off with a bang.

Since I'm pregnant and really shouldn't be losing weight right now (but still need to focus on my exercise and eating habits) I called my buddies at M5 Fitness (the at-home gym website that helped me lose weight and keep it off) and asked them to help me facilitate this 10lb challenge. So whether you want to lose weight or get an amazing kick-start to getting fit and healthy, this challenge is right for YOU!

Here's how it will work…

Fit for Summer 10lb challenge for June

  • Join in, or DIY. You can sign up and formally join the challenge with us, or you can do it your own way in your own time. Either is fine, we just encourage everyone to give June their best effort and putting hard-core focus on fitness and health! (But I do know from experience that doing it with a team and support group makes for easier success)
  • Did somebody say PRIZES?? For those who formally join the challenge there will be great swag and prizes along the way. We will also give you access to a personal trainer who will be doing weekly calls and potentially even in-person meetings (for those who are local and are interested), all as a perk for joining on the challenge! Details coming soon on all of this.
  • It's only 1 month! The challenge will officially start June 1, and will end July 5. We're giving you a few extra days to account for vacations and late-comers. However…you can jump in at any time! Just give yourself 30 days and kick some trash.
  • No, it doesn't HAVE to be 10lb. It could be 1 pound, 50 pounds, or no pounds at all! (I'm not losing weight, remember?) The beauty is that you simply set your OWN fitness goal(s) for the month, and give yourself 30 days to kick butt and complete it.

Again, lots more details coming soon, I just wanted you to get excited and get mentally (and physically) prepared to have the BEST JUNE OF YOUR LIFE.

So what do you say…WHO'S WITH ME??

*chest bump*




  1. AvatarBrittany says

    JORDAN!!!! Congrats on the baby! I can’t believe we’re the same age and you have a husband and 4 kids! You are a rock star. I’m still just trying to make manger at my job, LOL. I love your challenges and am ready to get some extra weight off! Let’s do this!!

  2. AvatarCarol says

    I’m in. I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been and I hate it. I need to lose this weight because it’s making other health issues worse.

  3. AvatarVC says

    This couldn’t come at a better time. I am in! I too have had back problems this past year and it has caused me to gain weight because i haven’t been able to exercise like I used to. I am ready to get back to my old self.

  4. AvatarPatty Z says

    I am in!! I just lost 17 lbs in the last 30 days first I did a 10 day detox lost 10 lbs and then the next 20 days I kept up with no carbs, no sugar, no dairy… sort of the Paleo diet. I thought it was not possible and I am shocked I am doing it, it’s the most I have ever lost in a short period of time. Now I need to add exercise into trying to lose more weight. I was 183 now 165.6 gotta count the .6 LOL. I fit into clothes I haven’t fit into for 4 years!!!! Hope everyone sticks with it 🙂 Good Luck!

  5. AvatarAnn says

    Already started my exercise challenge in May but needing a kickstart since this holiday weekend totally derailed me!!!

  6. Avatarevi says

    I’m in, I’m in, I’m in! Looking forward to being held accoutable! I hope I can participate without an Instagram-account, though (don’t have a smartphone, the kids would smash it…)

  7. AvatarAmber H says

    I am wondering how to sign up. I am ready to give it a shot and super excited for M5 as I commute A LOT for work and that leaves almost no time for going to a conventional gym. Super excited for this!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Info will be posted today or tomorrow, so stay tuned! We are tweaking the final changes and hope to have the info for you asap!

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