Finding time for small victories this Holiday season

I promised Bubba I would start getting ready for bed at 10. Seeing as how it's 10:13pm and I'm just starting this post, looks like I stink at trying to stick to a reasonable bedtime. But I am determined to get this quick post out because today I had a great reminder of how important small victories are.

Lately I look around my house…the Christmas bins EVERYWHERE, the never-ending piles of laundry, the never-ending piles of my random crud that breeds (especially on my kitchen table and master bedroom floor), all the stuff that I haven't done and really need to do for baby girl's arrival (in 6 days or less)…

…and it can get pretty overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels like I'm spinning my wheels, trying to go faster and faster, but not really getting anywhere. Can anyone relate?

But today I did a tiny, insignificant thing that really changed my day. While waiting for my son's appointment to begin, I sat next to a garbage can and took 5 minutes to clean out my purse while my kids played with the toy table.

Clean out your purse while waiting in the doctor's's all about small victories!

I pulled out garbage, dumped out the gunk, and stuck things back in the pockets and places where they belonged (see how I organize my purse HERE). It only took a few minutes, and let me tell you…it felt good. REALLY good. 

It reminded me that this Holiday season as I focus on the huge, monumental tasks that make my head hurt and give me an anxious pit in my stomach, it's the small victories that make real progress happen and keep me on-track and motivated!

In church on Sunday someone told a story that led to this inspiring thought popping into my head:

Just keep moving.

We might balk at inches. But inches are still progress! It's better than not moving at all. 

My hope in writing this post is that we all look for the 1, 2, and 5 minutes in our day to get small victories accomplished. It's those small, simple things that will keep our heads on straight, and keep us feeling progressive and in control!

Here are 6 quick tips for conquering small victories:

  1. Each morning while still in bed, before your feet hit the floor, make a list of EVERYTHING you'd like to accomplish that day – focusing on the small things. Empty the dishwasher…put on makeup…take out the trash…call my sister…pull out Christmas decorations…return the library book…sort the mail. Big or small, write it down.
  2. Find ways to multi-task (see lots of multi-tasking tips HERE)
  3. Take advantage of the unused 1, 2, 5, or 10 minute increments in your day, and use those to get things done. Got 2 minutes before you need to leave for car pool? Grab your list, find something that will take 1-2 minutes, and get-er-done!
  4. Set a timer. Just trust me on this one (see how a timer can change your life HERE).
  5. Don't be afraid to chip away slowly at large projects. If you only have 3 minutes to put toward an hour-long project, it may only seem like inches. But again, it's better than not moving at all!
  6. Physically cross things off your list when they are accomplished. It just feels good! Be sure to pat your back and consider even the smallest tasks as victories…because that's what they are!

This Holiday season let's stay encouraged and focused on the small and simple things that we do every day that make us just freaking awesome.

Finding time for small victories this Holiday season

Here's to small victories!

What are YOUR small victories? Share in the comments below, and/or on Instagram using the hashtag #FCFSmallVictories so we can all be inspired!