Fiber mascara…worth the cost? + how to use it. An unsponsored opinion!

Fiber mascara...worth the cost? + how to use it. A unsponsored opinion! From

Hello from Ireland! Yes, I'm still in Ireland so today I've scheduled another video for you to help curb your aching heart in my absence.

Today's video is an interesting one. We've all seen or heard of the big Fiber Mascara craze floating around the universe. I kept seeing (and get emailed just about every week from) people promoting Younique, a networking marketing company that sells makeup products. I kept seeing people's before and after photos on Instagram, talking about this Younique fiber lash mascara stuff. I had no idea what anyone was talking about! No one explained what it was!

Then finally, the mystery was solved.

I was shopping at Costco one day (shocking, I know…) and saw this bad boy:

Fiber mascara...worth the cost? + how to use it. A unsponsored opinion! From

Too Faced's version of fiber lash mascara It was $14.99 (considerably less than it sells for on Amazon) and 1/2 the price of Younique's mascara so I bought it and decided to try. I posted a picture of the results and got so many questions about it, I thought it was time to do a video showing my unsponsored opinion, and how to use it!

Watch the video below, or watch it online here:

So there you go!

Would I wear it every day?

Of course not. It's waaaaay too expensive. Special occasions only, baby!

Would I recommend it?

Yea, I think so. If you can get it for $14.99 like I did, then go for it if it makes you feel prettier and more feminine on a special occasion!

All in all, it's pretty expensive for mascara. I feel like you can get a pretty good look from drugstore mascara (as I show in my everyday makeup tutorial). For me personally I'm not sure it gives as much drama as I'd like (I'm a sucker for super thick lashes). I'm ultimately still a fan of using false lashes (see how I put on false lashes) and definitely prefer it for a dramatic effect. But the fiber mascara is a nice step between regular mascara and false lashes so I'll use it for sure. And hey, turns out $14.99 is a good deal so go stock up if you like it!

Do you use fiber mascara? Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know what YOU think!



  1. AvatarShelly Ahern says

    I ALWAYS wear 3D Mascara – its just as fast as regular mascara, but really opens up my eyes and gives me the dramatic look I love!!
    Yes – it’s more expensive than drugstore mascara…but sooo worth it – and I deserve it!!
    In my opinion Younique is The BEST -it’s naturally based with collagean, beeswax AND the fibers are 100% Green Tea Leaves!!! No nasty chemicals at all, and I’m willing to pay a bit more for that!! xo Shelly
    See website for details!

  2. AvatarChelsie says

    I went and got some when you posted about it before. I do like the look of it and agree it is not everyday mascara. The thing I need help with is taking it off! I wash my face at night and use make up remover but this stuff seems to become tar right under my eyes and it takes a lot of scrubbing, even with make up remover (eek future wrinkles!!). What kind of remover do you use???

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Interesting! I haven’t had any trouble with it. I just use regular hand soap to wash off my eye makeup – eek. Probably going to pay for that in 10 years! In the morning I use face lotion to take off any lingering mascara under my eyes (just dab some on and wipe off with TP). It’s a bit like waterproof mascara; never really comes off all the way but doesn’t bother me too much. Not sure if that helps or not, sorry!

  3. AvatarKristy says

    I like the fiber mascara I have the younique brand but I think it’s expensive. I’d love to try this brand but my Costco didn’t have it 🙁 I’ll have to check out Amazon! Thanks!

  4. AvatarJennifer says

    I have the Younique fiber lashes that I only use for special occasions. However, I haven’t been reaching for it as much as I thought I would. I find that the lashes “shed” and I end up with black fuzzies under my eyes. Since my skin is quite fair, it is very noticeable. Has anyone else had that problem?

    • AvatarJuliann says

      Yes, I get fuzzy stuff everytime I wear it. It drives me crazy, luckily it was a gift and I don’t feel bad not finishing it. When my husband even noticed it, it was time go back to my original brand.

      • AvatarEustacia says

        Are you guys sealing it? Apply gel, fibers and then gel again. This really helps! I had it flaking before I sealed. Now I can still see great results 12 hours after application.

  5. AvatarMichelle says

    I personally don’t like that the cheaper version has white fibers… And what are they made of? Younique 3D lashes uses some kind of tea fiber and I love it. Also… The mascara or or gel… Is so awesome. I don’t need a curler… But everyone is different!

  6. AvatarDiane says

    Try the fiber lash mascara through Amazon. It costs $6-7 for TWO sets right now and it’s exactly the same as the Younique brand (maybe even better IMO). It ships from overseas so it takes several weeks to arrive, but I have one for me and one for a friend at just over $3/set so I didn’t mind the wait. STEAL!

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