How was your week/weekend?? Mine was pretty good!

We finally unpacked from our cruise (who knew it could take soooo long??) and I finished up our trip laundry just in time to have another freshly-dirty round to do. Gotta love the perpetual dirty laundry.

Other than that we did some fun stuff. I caught my son's cold after our trip so I haven't been feeling 100%, but that didn't stop us from having a little fun! Here's how my week/weekend started out:


We got back into town LATE. That sucked, not going to lie.


Bright and early I took my son to get his Flu shot through Jean Brown Research. Because I'm doing it through their study (remember THIS post?), I'm getting paid $350! Yes, $350. No lie. I got my first $100 on Tuesday. It was awesome!

My son has had a cold FOREVER so I had scheduled a doctor's appointment for him for Tuesday afternoon. However, at the flu shot apt they had a nurse practitioner AND pediatrician check out his lungs, heart, ears, throat, and eyes. They said it's just a cold and he looks fine. They did this for the sake of the research, but I was able to cancel his doctor's appointment and save a ton of money by not having to take him in! It was great!


My straightener died (UGH!!) so I needed a new one. I asked a hairdresser friend of mine to see if I could use her discount to get one from a beauty supply store. I like the Chi brand, and it would've been $110 still. Ouch! I saw one in an ad at Bed Bath & Beyond for just $99.

Chi Air Expert Classic Pink 1-Inch Ceramic Flat Iron

I used the 20% off one item coupon I get in the mail for being on their mailing list (GREAT coupon!!), and saved $20! I looooove my new straighter.

While I was there I saw this baby:

3-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Cooling Cylinder

If you remember, I fell in love with this at my son's birthday party (I borrowed it from a neighbor). I've wanted one ever since! I've seen it at Costco numerous times and almost bought it, but just couldn't get myself to spend $30 on something I really didn't need. (I hate that word sometimes).

I checked the clearance section at BB&B, saw a display jug that they were selling for $18 (muuuuch better!), and used the $5 coupon that came in the back of the catalogue the send me in the mail to bring it down to $13!

Patience pays off, people.


Our 4-yr anniversary. Awwwwww…

We celebrated this before our cruise by getting free fondue from The Melting Pot (we actually sprung and bought the whole meal, but we still got the cheese portion for free. Saved us $16!) so we made no plans for our actual anniversary night.

HOWEVER…I have the cutest husband ever and have to brag for a moment.
EVEN THOUGH WE AGREED TO DO NOTHING FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY, he came home for lunch and surprised me with 24 red & yellow roses. He gets them from Costco. The quality and price are by far the best out there in my opinion.
He had a work meeting that would run late so I ran errands. While in Target I got a call from a close friend, crying and in distress. She and her husband got in a huge fight and he left her at the restaurant they were eating at with no ride. She asked if I'd come get her and I, of course, said yes. 
**Side note: I got these adorable dresses from Target while I was there. They were only $4.40 each!
I also got this coat. It wasn't as good of a deal, but I couldn't resist! It was on sale from $18 to $13 (which is a splurge for me when it comes to baby clothes…but at least I didn't pay full-price, right??) 🙂
Girl clothes are so much fun.
I rush to pick up my friend at the restaurant, walk in, and see not my friend BUT MY HUSBAND sitting at the table with candles and the sweetest card ever. He totally got me!
It was all a set-up. My husband is officially the sweetest guy in the world, and my friend is officially the best liar ever. I never saw it coming!
Turns out he cancelled his meeting last-minute and threw all of it together with hardly any notice. I am so impressed! (Especially since we only have one car and I had it! He had to scrounge up a ride to the restaurant and everything.)
Anyway, isn't that cute? I just had to brag for a minute 🙂
I got my husband a giant cookie cake from Mrs. Field's to thank him for the sweet anniversary. I delivered it to his office. Needless to say his employees were very grateful too 🙂 It was really good, I'd totally get one again! (P.S…I promise mine didn't say “thank you”, I pulled that picture offline. Haha)
Online they were about $35 plus delivery. However, I found a Mrs. Field's at a nearby mall, ordered one over the phone, delivered it myself, and it only cost me $26! I recommend doing that for sure.
My neighborhood/church ward started a “cooking club” and Saturday was our second meeting. It's been so fun! We sign up in advance and each take one month to “host” the cooking club (kind of like a book group). When it's your turn to host you demonstrate how to make a favorite meal of yours. It's been so informative and fun to see how other people cook, and to get new recipe ideas! Plus, we all get to eat the food at the end which is always a perk.
This time the theme was Polynesian. She made Kalua pork, coconut bread, and other yummy things. I recommend starting one with your friends! I'll share these recipes on upcoming Foodie Tuesdays for you. 
Click HERE to check out the blog I created for our cooking club.
Later that day we went shopping! We were on a mission to find my husband a sport coat to dress up his jeans.
I went to my big retail list that I posted, printed out a bunch of coupons, and hit the mall! We went to Macy's first, where we found some dress shirts – one for $9.99, one for $11.99 on the clearance racks. They fit him like a gem! 
The best part? 
Thanks to the retail list we got an additional 25% off the shirts. Can't beat that!
***Remember my “shopping sales” secrets. Always try things on, and always check the clearance and sale racks FIRST.
***Remember, always ALWAYS search for coupons/coupon codes before buying ANYTHING. You should NEVER have to pay full-price for anything!
On our search for the perfect sports coat…
  • We found him a great sports coat (on sale) but it was still $80! Ouch! We put it on hold and kept looking. 
  • We went to JC Penny and found a great J. Ferrar sports coat. 
  • It was on sale for $47 (much better!), but thanks to my retail list, we got an additional $10 off! 
  • I dug through my notebook (that I carry everywhere with me) and found an old JCP gift card…
  • from our wedding. 
  • Four years ago. 
  • No kidding. 
  • I handed it to the guy, crossed my fingers, and BAM. $25 was still on the card!

***NEVER throw out your old gift cards, even if they threaten you with an expiration date on the back. They often times will still work!
Our total for the sports coat? 
About $15. LOVE IT.
And just for the record? It looks super hot on him. I'm just saying…
I found a cute shirt for $8.99 at Forever 21, got $32 from returning a baby gift to Gap, and got some FREE loot from Bath & Body Works!
  • I printed out the coupon from the retail list (free gift with purchase)
  • Found the cheapest thing in the store to buy ($1.50 travel hand sanitizer that was on sale for just $0.75!)
  • and got my free perfume…
  • for $0.80 total!

Successful shopping day if you ask me!
On the way home we used a coupon we got from being on the Red Robin email list to get some free cheese stick appetizers. 
They. Are. Wicked. Good.
We split a chicken salad, ate about 20 baskets of bottomless steak fries, and had a great meal on the cheap.
On Sunday we enjoyed the sunshine on our deck with the best $1 I've ever spent at Target:

Wheew! That was my crazy week/weekend. How was yours??