It's time for me to share a few of the fun, cheap, and free things I did this weekend!

We went to a friend's reception. It was a blast! They had it at Cactus & Tropicals; I had never been there before. It was beautiful. I thought the way they did food was really clever:

  • For food they had two different “bars”. The first was a fruit, cheese, crackers, and fruit dip bar. They had all sorts of fresh fruits and a few different kinds of dips, and they had different trays of crackers with various kids of cheese. The cheese was gorgeous! Some was cut into cubes, others were in huge wedges. 
  • The second “bar” was a bread bar. They had all sorts of fresh breads that were cut into small slices (garlic, pumpernickel, french…) and TONS of kinds of dips & spreads! They had two different kinds of hummus, warm artichoke dip, pestos, oil & vinegar dips that you could put in little cups, warm cheese spreads, cold crab spreads, and more. 
I thought I'd share because it was delicious and really pretty; maybe I'll have a dip party someday and do something like this!
Earlier on Friday I went to the big kids/maternity sale here in Utah with my friend Shannon. We were some of the first people there, and let me tell you, it was packed! I found a few cute things, but I was actually a bit disappointed. It was a consignment sale so I felt the pricing was a little high for the value. It sets a high standard when I find brand new things for $1.99
I got all of these things for $3.50 or less:

I was hoping to find a stroller at the sale. I've been on the lookout for a Bob Duallie double stroller and haven't been able to find one for a good price! I was hoping I'd get lucky, but I'll just have to keep looking. Any tips??
It was rainy and gross here, and my son was sick again so it was pretty low-key for us. However, I did take advantage and got my $23 mani/pedi! I loved it! 

Yes, it was hard driving home like this!
I hadn't gotten a mani OR pedi since my wedding (4 years ago!) so it was fun to spoil myself for a little while. We're going on a cruise this Saturday and I thought my poor toes needed some attention.
For dinner we took advantage of our GREAT Domino's pizza deal and got ourselves a yummy pizza.
Also, on Saturday my husband made ANOTHER $200 by selling more stuff! He's now up to $550 in two weekends! Yikes! Remember how much value there is in selling stuff you no longer need. The money really adds up!
That was it for our weekend! It was pretty relaxed, and pretty fun.
Since we leave on Saturday for vacation, I thought I'd share in advance some of the fun things we have coming up THIS week as well:
Monday (tonight)
  • Getting my hair done by my friend Molly. I recommend asking around to get good deals on hair cuts/colors and NOT paying full-price. Ever. Molly works from home, so she costs WAAAAAY less than getting my hair done in a salon! I'll ask her if I can post her name and number if any of you are interested, she's really good (she's here in SLC).
  • We're taking advantage of the FREE fondue from the Melting Pot and celebrating an early anniversary night. We're trading babysitting with a neighbor so we don't have to pay a babysitter, and we're going to enjoy a fun, fancy night…for FREE!
  • We're going to our schmancy dinner/gala event that we won tickets to (worth $100!). I'm excited for this! Remember to sign up for stuff, you never know when you'll win.
Come Support Discovery Gateway at the Best Family Party of the Year!
  • Getting my carpets cleaned. I have cheap carpet, so I try to get it cleaned every 6 months to make it last as long as possible. This has helped us GET OUT OF DEBT
    • I use Ward Brothers Carpet Care here in Utah. It only costs me $65 to do 15 stairs, a big living room, two big bedrooms, and a hallway. I've always been impressed by their work. The reviews about their company are mixed, but I have found them to be an inexpensive and effective solution for our needs.
  • We leave to go on our Western Caribbean Cruise with my family! We are in great need of some sun and are looking forward to a big family vacay. I'll miss you all, but I'm sure I'll have lots of great tips for you when we get back.
Hope your week is as packed and fun as mine is going to be!