Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! 
Our weekend was pretty good, but my husband I and ended up getting food poisoning at one point (still can't figure out from what…) so it was a bit more of a bummer than usual.

However, we still were able to take advantage of some great deals! Here's what we did this weekend:


We officially said GOODBYE to our old, ugly, broken fridge.
(Notice the chips in the paint? That's because it was a WHITE fridge and we painted it BLACK with cheap paint! I don't recommend that, for the record.)

We replaced it one year ago with an AWESOME fridge that we love (bought from the Sears scratch & dent outlet for a steal!) so it's been living in our garage ever since. It's been nice having a second fridge but it's been slowly dying for years now the freezer stopped working. We figured we couldn't sell it but didn't know how to get rid of it.

We heard about the “See you later refrigerator” program, called, and got $30 for our old fridge and they picked it up for us! It was great. I recommending finding a similar program in your area if you don't live in the Salt Lake Valley.

Later on Friday I picked up a HAUL of shoes that I sent to a shoe repair place to get fixed, re-soled, and shined up. I wish I had taken pictures, the transformation was amazing!! This is one of the things we've done to help us get out of debt; take care of the things you have, and repair them rather than replace them whenever possible!

In case you are interested and live in the SL Valley, I use Ace Shoe Repair and highly recommend him.

I picked up my produce basket, then went yard sale-ing again! I took my friend Shannon this time. It was a quick run, but we still managed to find some good stuff.

I used the sites I mentioned last week, and also looked through the classifieds myself and found a ton of sales. I mapped them out in google, printed off the description of the garage sales and the route, then we picked and chose what we wanted based on how much time we had left. It worked out well!

Here's some of the stuff I got this time:

Brand new baby outfits, $1.50 each! I'll give these as gifts. Notice the tags are still attached??
At the same sale I picked up a Halo Sleepsack Swaddle (not pictured) for baby girl coming in August. It's still in it's original package, only used once or twice. Saved me $20, click here for proof!
I got this cute basket for organization or decoration, $2 
(I washed the canvas lining and it looks good as new)

I got a bunch of great clothes from one sale. The tan ModBod skirt still has the tags attached…and is STILL selling for $48! Click here for proof!! 
The other skirt is from Gap, perfect for a big-ol-prego-woman (myself) to wear in the hot summer.
I got them for $2 each. Bam, baby.

At the same sale I got a bunch of new-looking gap shirts and one from Shade. $1 each, all in perfect condition, and some of them are size TALL! HOORAY!!!
Since the clothes are all name brands, in perfect condition, and have new labels, I could sell them to Plato's Closet and make money if they don't fit. Can't go wrong with that!

 I got these mini hampers for $1 each. They fold up flat, perfect for travel and storage. I'm excited about these!
I also got some cute home decor stuff. The black thing is really heavy and sturdy, would be cute on a night stand – $5. The white organizer was $3 (see the cute bead board detail on top?? I love it.), and the beverage tub was $2. 
I'm excited about my new finds, and am extra excited to use them in decorating!
Later on Saturday we used some free tickets my husband got from a work acquaintance and went to a FREE showing of Pirates of the Caribbean with some friends. They even gave us $10 gift cards for food! It was super fun. Remember to work your connections and take advantage of free stuff!
P.S…I really enjoyed the movie!
We exchanged babysitting so we didn't have to pay a sitter. That was a life saver.
P.S…do you like my green shirt? I got it from a garage sale last week for $1! It's a brand new Liz Lange maternity shirt, my new favorite.
Saturday and Sunday we were sick (which is a bummer because my husband's mom flew into town and stayed with us Saturday night!) but we still ended up having a great weekend.
Remember that you don't always have to spend a lot of money to A) get nice things, and B) have fun!
How was your weekend?!