We had another fun weekend so I thought I'd share a few of my savings!

  • On Friday night we went to dinner and a hockey game with friends.

We went to an Indian restaurant that we had never tried before because our friends had bought a Groupon there, so we got a discounted dinner. It was good!

After dinner we used our free hockey tickets that came with our Salt Lake Pass to go to the final free game. Remember to utilize and take advantage of the freebies and coupons you have!

Our friends don't have the SL Pass so they had to buy tickets. I bought their tickets for them when I picked ours up before the game. Here's how my conversation went:
    • Ticket Lady: “Ok, here are your tickets.”
    • Me: “Ok, and I actually need to buy 2 more for friends of ours. What are your cheapest tickets?”
    • Ticket Lady: “$10 each”
    • Me: “Ok great. Do you have any discounts or deals or coupons available by chance?”
    • Ticket Lady: “Um, no, not really…Oh, unless you get one of these from a Maverik gas station” (holds up a $5 off coupon).
    • Me: “Oh bummer! I was at Maverik twice yesterday!” (true, but I probably would have said something like that anyway!)
    • Ticket Lady: “Oh shoot. Do you have a receipt or anything?”
    • Me: (digging through my purse) “Oh! I might!” (just chit chatting) “I feel so dumb, I actually went yesterday. Once for gas and then I went back for their soft serve ice cream. I'm pregnant and it just sounded so good, I was so embarrassed to go back again!” (laughing while digging). “Shoot, I must have thrown it away. Is there any way I could just use that one?” (pointing to the coupon in her hand)
    • Ticket Lady: “Sure, no problem.”
    • Me: “Thanks so much!” (continue to make small talk with her)
So rather than getting the tickets for $10 each, I got them for $10 TOTAL…just for asking! Remember the power of asking, and how you need to be assertive to get your way? It's just that easy!
  • Saturday my husband sold $350 worth of stuff through the classifieds in less than 20 minutes!! Remember how wonderful it is to SELL YOUR STUFF whenever possible! 

He won an ipod touch from a contest and sold that (remember to enter to win stuff!), he sold our black Wii (he got won at a fake-money auction at a work conference) that we didn't need any more (because we got an Xbox from Oprah), and sold a DDR game we bought for cheap off of Craigslist. 

Total? We profited $350! He posted it, got a phone call within 20 minutes, and the guy came by and bought all three items. 
It took him a whopping few minutes and now he has a load of cash to buy something fun with. I need to get my booty in gear and sell all my old prom dresses my mom dropped off for me. 
Anyone need some old formals? 🙂
  • Later Saturday night we went to Texas Roadhouse with some other friends, using a birthday freebie that I still had. 
  • After that we had a playdate with 5 moms + their kids at my neighbors' house, and our son slept in 3 hours later than usual on Sunday morning! Playdates are a great FREE way to wear out your kids, and get some mommy time in too 🙂
  • On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference which is always wonderful and relaxing.
I made some cheap and yummy meals throughout the week/weekend that I will share with you tomorrow for Foodie Tuesday, and finished a baby blanket that I will show you on a Super Savvy Saturday sometime. 
The best part of my weekend, though? My computer mysteriously busted on Friday and I couldn't even turn it on. It was AWFUL! Lucky Lauralee stepped in and posted a bunch for me 🙂 Today I went to try my computer again, and DA-DING…worked like new. What the…?? I'm not complaining.
So that's how our weekend went! It was fun, cheap, and free…as usual 🙂
How did it go for all of you?