Wheew-ee! What a whirlwind of a week!
I just had a week-long family reunion here in Utah. It was such a blast! I thought that since the reunion was in my home state I'd get more sleep, and have less stress in packing, planning, hauling an 18 month old around, etc.
I was wrong.
It was a lot of work, but a LOT of fun.
Along with the reunion, a few exciting things happened this week:
There is a long story attached to this one, but we got it for an incredible deal. You seriously won't believe it.
I will share it with you on Wednesday…because it's a tip you won't want to miss!
We got our old car painted and got some dents fixed for 1/2 price. We were nervous about it being a poor paint job, but she looks incredible! 
Once again, I'll share this with you on “You're Welcome Wednesday” – I'm sold and can't wait to share my tips! 
Here's a preview of the “before”:
We might've FINALLY gotten a house!
We've been house-hunting for about a year, and have had an offer in one a house we LOVE LOVE LOVE for over 6 months. We nearly gave up on it because they told us we didn't stand a chance of getting it (it's a short sale, and is caught up in a divorce and two bankruptcy's, my husband is self-employed, etc. It's a mess, really.) 
we just heard from the bank that they accepted our offer!
We are still negotiating terms so “the fat lady hasn't sung yet” as my husband likes to say, but we're almost there! So exciting! Keep your fingers crossed for us.
(more on this later)
I got a hernia right under my prego-belly. That is NOT exciting, it actually stinks BIG TIME. I guess they are common in pregnancy, but it's painful!
It's basically like tearing a muscle, so it's really painful to be on my feet for too long. Even walking through Costco was a challenge.
The good news is, they can be fixed.
The bad news?
Fixed with surgery.
We'll see how I feel after baby girl is born and we'll decide then. Oy Vey!
I snuck away from my reunion for a few hours to hold a yard sale. 
I organized it for my neighborhood a few weeks in advance. I figured, the more participation, the more traffic! 
I put up signs throughout our neighborhood, and had the HOA email a flyer that I made to inform the neighbors. I told everyone to simply open their garages and sell their items, whether they had 2 or 200 items to sell! We didn't get as much traffic as I would've hoped, but it was still nice to make a little extra mula.
Let me tell you, garage sales are a lot of work! I think I prefer shopping at them rather than holding them 🙂
My friend Shannon threw me the most amazing baby shower! I can't believe I only have 7 weeks left until baby girl is born. Yowsa.
I also can't believe how great the shower was. Here's a preview of some of the things she did:

 Even my son loved it…and loved trying on baby girl's clothes!

There are many more things that happened this week, but I'm just TOO TIRED to list any more. I need a nap!
How was YOUR week/weekend?