FCF Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Day game ideas, fun/cheap/free things family activities, Tad from So You Think You Can Dance…and more!

Feb 14, 2012 | Family Time, Holidays, Lifestyle

Happy Monday!
First off, sorry this post is late. Anyone signed up for my email list will get this on Tuesday. Why is it so late you might ask? Well, I picked this lovely lady up from the airport last night.
Mimi is in town, so we've been partying!
I'm a little behind.
Oh well.
We had a super fun weekend this last weekend, so I just had to share it with you! I haven't done a weekend wrap-up in a while, so are some goodies for ya. enjoy!
Here are some Fun/Cheap/Free things I did this weekend:
Friday Night
My church ward (congregation) had their annual Valentine's party at the church. It was a blast! It was a potluck of soup, rolls, and salads, then the ward provided dessert. Red velvet cake…mmmmm….
I was on the game committee, and I'm not going to lie…we did some fun stuff.
We had a quick/cheap/easy “photo booth” set up for pictures
We had someone volunteer to come give a quick swing dancing lesson
Since I was busy taking pics, my hubby had to find a new dance partner.
Luckily she's adorable…albeit a little under age.
Ok seriously, how cute is my kid? Can't even stand my chubby baby girl…
After dancing we played some fun games. We paired into couples and had to eat a long piece of licorice with no hands. First one to kiss wins.

There was a whole lotta cheating though, so this game was hard to regulate. All in good fun, though…

Then my hubby and I were in charge of the “Love Song Charades” game. I went to the internet and got a list of tons of good ‘ol classic love songs, printed them on slips of paper, and each couple took a turn acting it out for their team (we split the room in half and had 2 teams).

We thought it would be really hard so at first we told everyone how many words were in the song title. After a few couples went up, however, we realized that was waaaaay too easy…so we got creative.

The team got 1 point for guessing the name correctly in 30 seconds, and if they had time left they could earn extra points by…
singing the song,

saying the artist of the song,

 and of course…dancing to the song. It was hilarious.

super fun game, I will definitely be playing this again at a future party!

We woke up to GORGEOUS weather so my little family decided to go on a hike. 

I put Priya in my Ergo Baby Carrier that I got on clearance from Babysteals.com. I love this thing because you can carry the baby on your front, your hip, OR your back. I can even carry my toddler around in it.
Now that I think of it, I should add this to my favorite things list

My husband put Hutch in a hiking pack that we bought used for like, $50 or something. 
It was hardly used.
After our hike we headed to a friend's house for dinner. 
For the first time since high school, my hubby's best high school buds are all living in the same state! It's temporary, so they try to get together as much as possible.
 We all ate a great dinner. They have the cutest baby twins!

(Just for the record…they have the same high chairs that we have, from Ikea. We both agree that they are fabulous high chairs because they are cheap, small, light-weight yet durable, and really easy to wipe hose down. I should probably add this high chair to my favorite things list too…)
We put on some old high school videos and watch the boys relive their glory days (the kids especially loved this part…)
And, of course, had baby bonding time. 
For Valentine's Day my hubby surprised me with tickets to see Romeo and Juliet – the hip hop version! (From THIS dance company here in Salt Lake)
The best part?
Tad and Ryan from “So You Think You Can Dance” (my favorite show of all time) were BOTH in it. AHHHHH!!!!!
Seriously, could a dance performance GET any cooler?
I especially LOVE Tad. Apparently so do the ladies…they sure had him shirtless a lot.

Seriously, how cool is TAD???? Check out his moves:

It was the best date ever. The best part? 
He was a super smart frugalisto of a hubby and saved us some money by:
1) Searching online and getting tickets for 1/2 price (boo ya)
2) Planning it on the same night as our friend get-together so we could eat dinner, hang out for a while, then leave the kids with our friends, go to the dance performance, come back and hang out more…but have free babysitting during the performance! 
That saved us at least $20 in babysitting alone.
We exchanged gifts during intermission. He gave me a deck of cards, each with something he loves about me on it. SO ADORABLE. He also got me a pretty charm bracelet that he got for a discount. Frugality is so sexy…
I got my hubby a planner (boring, I know) to help support him in his goals that he's been setting lately, and bought him some unmentionables that are for his eyes only. 
Enough said.
(Bought them from Walmart and Target for cheap. Still cute, still sexy, way cheaper than a lingerie shop!)
It was a great Vday weekend.
I made my EASY (and delish) Sunday pork chops, sweet potatoes, salad, and rolls after church, and we napped. Gotta love Sundays.
We went to a FREE Latin America exhibit here in Salt Lake at the Church History Museum. It was so cool!
They had all these really cute hands-on exhibits for kids,
and even entertained us adults. They had TV screens and a mirror set up so you could dance along with the flamenco dancers. The pic is poor, but you can see the screen and male dancer next to my hubby.
Hutch and Priya loved it…and Priya even got her first driving lesson.
Did I mention that admission is FREE to this exhibit? So cool, and only here for 2012. Better check it out!
Wheew! So that was our weekend. Did you do anything fun/cheap/free?


  1. shannon

    I was just wondering what songs you used for the charades game? I’m having a hard time coming up with a list! Thanks:)

    • FunCheapOrFree

      I just looked online and found a list of “top love songs through the decades” and it was awesome!


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