FCF Weekend Wrap-Up: Thrift store finds, Costco deals, our FCF Halloween costumes, and more!

Happy Monday…and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Our weekend was a blast. How was yours? 
I'm sure you are all enjoying Halloween festivities of one kind or another. We did a lot of fun, cheap, or free things this weekend. Check them out:


  • My son Hutch is growing faster than I can keep up with, especially when it comes to shoes. I decided to hit up a local thrift store, Deseret Industries, and found a few goodies:
We found him two pairs of shoes, one of which were these babies:
You can tell they are used, but they are still in pretty good condition. They were $4 which seemed a little steep to me for used children's shoes, but in looking at the big picture that's still a good deal.
$23 for kid shoes? Not in this life.
While I was there I found Priya some baby gap shoes for $2

And a fun new toy for my son. The balls spin around on top and fall through the holes, circle down the shute, and come out one of the openings in the bottom. He loves it.

 Got this for $4 also. Once again, I feel like other thrift stores would've sold it for cheaper, but no biggie.

You can find great children's things from thrift stores. My favorites? Shoes, toys, and books (see HERE and HERE for ideas). 
  • Friday night we went to dinner at Red Robin (are you shocked? We seriously eat there like every weekend…). I can't help eating there, it's so cheap and so good! Their RR Cheeseburgers are only $5.99 right now and comes with bottomless steak fries. 

Remember THIS sneaky Red Robin tip? 
Get their cheap cheeseburger, add onion straws to it (should be free), ask for a side of BBQ and ranch sauces, mix the sauces together & add them to your burger, and you've got yourself their $9 Whisky River BBQ burger for just $5.99! Also, rather than buying an entire kids meal for Hutch we buy him a side of Mac ‘N Cheese for $1.99. It's made with real cheese so it's better than the fake stuff, and is way more than he could eat.

Price-matched some amazing ground beef deals from Wal Mart. See my post HERE to see how I saved $3/lb!

I picked up a few things from Costco last weekend and forgot to post about it. Their coupon deals are good this month, here are a few of the things I recommend taking advantage of:

  • Nearly all the components of my awesome Laundry Concoction are on sale, either $2.50 or $3 off (Tide, Clorox 2, Downy fabric softener, etc.). 
  • Kirkland wipes are $4 off
  • Their Take-n-bake pepperoni pizzas are only $6.99 after $3 off. If you don't plan to eat them right away, buy a few and freeze them. Perfect for a last-minute or weekend meal.

  • Their organic canned tomatoes are B1G1 free. They end up being roughly $0.50/can which is decent, but I've been able to price-match them for cheaper – but only by a few cents each. For the convenience, I recommend just getting them from Costco while they are cheap!

For their other coupon offers this month click HERE. They are valid through 11/6, BTW.

Saturday Night we went to our church ward's Trunk-or-Treat. I love dressing up for Halloween and coming up with creative CHEAP or free costumes. (Remember last year's costumes?)
Since we are still living out of boxes in my aunt's basement waiting to close on our new house, I decided to keep things REALLY simple this year. Here's what we did:

Hutch is OBSESSED with Basketball and wears this Jimmer jersey everywhere. Yes, our Jimmer likes him some bling bling.

We decided to center our costumes around his obsession. 
My husband simply put Hutch's Fisher Price hoop down his back in a backpack, we put Priya in a ref bib we found at Target,  

and I made myself a basketball. 

I got an orange shirt from Michaels for $2.50 (and used a coupon on top of it), 
and used leftover paint from THIS project. It's not beautiful nor is it perfect, but it works. 

There are about 100 ways we could've made these costumes cooler. But like I said, we went reeeeeeeeeeeally simple this year.

Hey, simple, cheap or free costumes are the best! Remember this huge list of DIY costumes? Check out our friends who were hippie organic farmers:

Clever, right? Anyway, we had a blast.

We went to church then cooked one of my pans of frozen Baked Ziti because A) I didn't feel like cooking, and B) I was over my grocery budget for the month and didn't want to go grocery shopping this week. I LOVE having a good freezer meal on-hand.

If something is a great deal that week (like how ground beef is a good deal this week) stock up, and make 2 or 3 of the same meal. Cook one to eat right away, and freeze the others. It's great for when you don't feel like cooking, need to take a meal to a friend, or if you are over your grocery budget for the week and shouldn't go grocery shopping!

After dinner we enjoyed the finer things in life…leaving the dirty dishes in the sink for a while so we could have some quality play time. Priceless.

So that was our weekend. Enjoy Halloween, be safe, eat lots of candy, and have a fun, cheap, or free week!

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