Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend…I know I did!
We did some pretty fun things this weekend:
  • My husband filmed a commercial for his company on Saturday out at the salt flats. It was a true-blue commercial with makeup, prop, and wardrobe people! Wild! 

I'll be sure to show you the finished product when it's done, I can't wait to see it!
He's such a movie star 😉 haha
  • My son got “new” toys! Well, “new” to him, anyway.

I've been trying to get a lot done around the house lately in preparation for baby girl to come (August 1, two weeks from today! Ahh!). 
To entertain my son I've been rotating toys out from the garage. This is a great way to get “new” toys for free. After Christmas or a birthday pack up 1/2 the toys (or more!) and hide them. Only keep a few toys out at a time, and rotate the others in one by one every few months, and it's like they have new toys all over again! I do this with toys that he has gotten tired of, and they are “brand new” magically when I bring them out again!
I pulled out this car that he got tired of, and he clearly has a lot of fun with it now.
While daddy was filming my son decided he wanted to be a trick pony rider someday. 
  • To burn off his energy we used our unlimited pass that we got a good deal on and took advantage of the pool. 

***Remember to sign up for daily deal sites so you don't have to pay full-price for summer entertainment!!!!!!
  • When we don't have time to go to the pool, we make our own for FREE:

Just grab a bin, bucket, or you can certainly use a cheap kiddie pool and fill-er-up with water. Toss in some safe kitchen toys and scoops, and there you go! HOURS of entertainment, and you never have to leave your deck 🙂 

We had so much fun we invited our buddy to come over
It was so relaxing to sit in the sunshine and have my son completely occupied without having to drive anywhere, do anything, or spend a dime.
***Remember: always be creative and reuse things you already have. Entertainment doesn't have to cost money all the time!
After all that swimming and commercial shooting, we were starved. 
  • We went to dinner at Red Robin, one of our favorites! 

We got:
  • Our FREE mozzarella sticks appetizer
  • Unlimited steak fries (included)
  • Split a burger (they are plenty big!) – $8ish 
    • they have punch cards now by the way, so ask your server for one! You get a punch for every burger and/or entree you buy and get a free burger after 7 punches I believe.
  • Side of Mac-n-cheese for $1.99 
    • they have sides now, so rather than buying my son an entire kid's meal for $4-$5 we just get him a side.
  • And lucked out with some freebies! 
    • He brought us the wrong mac-n-cheese (we didn't know the difference) so he gave us the first one AND brought out the second one, and only ended up charging us $0.99 total
    • We saw people eating cupcakes but didn't see them on the menu. We asked our server, and he said they were leftover from a promo that ended. He brought us 3 cupcakes for free!
Our entire meal was only $11 and we had 3 take-home boxes full of food. I love that place.
  • I cooked a Sunday dinner using only items from our fridge and freezer, trying to make space for freezer meals for when the baby comes.
  • I spent down time over the weekend working on baby girl's room. It's almost done, can't wait to show you the finished product! Here's another teaser for you:
How was YOUR weekend? Did you do any fun, cheap, or free things? Hope so!