Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? 

My son spent all last night throwing up and my husband's car wouldn't start this morning for no apparent reason.

Might just be one of those weeks.
My weekend, however, was great. Here's what we did:


 My son Hutch loved the Wiggle Cars that were sold there (regularly $50, we got one for $25. Shhhh…it's his Christmas present :)), getting his face painted, and LOVED jumping in the bouncy house with daddy.
He also loved trying his hand at gymnastics, playing ball, and showing baby Priya the Halloween ropes.

We live close to where the Palooza was held, so we were able to go twice on Friday. It was nice to go home and take a little rest in between all the fun. The best part? A few lucky readers got to go for free for entering our giveaway last week (I even saw one of them and got to say hi!), and the rest of you got discounted $5 tickets. Yay for cheap fun!

**If you want to go to a fun, cheap, or free event or activity, always check online for discounts, coupon codes, giveaways, or cheaper times to go. Remember, never pay full-price for ANYTHING


We loooove their unlimited french toast. It's only $4.99 and it's all you can eat. Granted, we can only get through 3 slices on a good day because it's so hearty, but we always ask for a refill and get to take home leftovers! They also have unlimited pancakes for $4.99.

While I was there I picked up a HUGE bag of bread ends for $1.99. The bread is soft and delicious, and most of the pieces aren't even heels! You can bet that pretty much any bakery has discarded bread that they can't use, that they sell for dirt cheap. Make some yummy honey butter (or pumpkin butter!) and you have a great treat…for cheap!
The same goes for restaurants. Remember my Jimmy Johns tip?? You can buy their day-old bread for $0.50 a loaf!
  • We were given tickets to the BYU vs. Idaho State game and took the kiddos later that afternoon. Hutch (who is obsessed with all things sports, in case you haven't noticed already…) LOVED IT. The weather was amazing (hooray!) so it was a great family outing.

If you want discounted tickets to a sporting event you can look in the classifieds, or buy from scalpers outside the venue. Remember to take advantage of being a student, too! If you don't mind being late, some events will even let you in for free after half-time. (Parking is often times free by then, too.)

We went to church, I made my Sunday Pork Chops and Root Beer floats, and we relaxed as a family. I also worked on some crafts that I will share with you on the upcoming Savvy Saturdays. Get excited!
Gotta love those Sundays.

Earlier in the week I scored on some amazing deals, I thought I'd share a few with you!

Wal Mart had a large rack of children's clothes, all for $1. They were summer styles like shorts and t-shirts. I stocked up big time for next year!
Charlotte Russe has their summer shoes on sale. These hotties were marked down to $6.99, but when I got to the register they rang up for only $4.99! SCORE!
 I'm a size 11 (believe it or not!) so the benefit is that IF a store carries my size, they often are on sale, luckily. The bummer is that very few stores carry size 11. 
The Children's Place had a sale, take an extra 50% off clearance, PLUS I was able to use a 20% off coupon for being on their mailer (bottom right corner of their site).
I got the dress for $4.80, the shirt for $2.39, the khakis for $5.19, 
and a few pair of jeggings for $6.40 each. Those weren't on clearance, but they are the BEST little jeggings I have found at any store! Way softer than jeans, and fit much better too. My baby girl is chubby and has trouble fitting into clothes “her size”!
 They were on sale for $8, and with my 20% off coupon I stocked up before they were gone. I love those cute little things.
Hurry while you can and stock up on the summer styles that are all on clearance! Even if it's too cold for you or your child to wear them now, stock up for next year. However, you can make most spring/summer styles “winter approved” by wearing a sweater over them, wearing leggings or pants underneath, or wearing a long-sleeved shirt under.
So that was my week/weekend!
How was yours? Did you do anything fun, cheap, or free? Leave a comment or email me at funcheaporfree@gmail.com and you might just get featured on a Friend-Feature Friday!!
Happy Monday 🙂