Welcome back! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was pretty good because, as always, we found lots of fun, cheap, or free things to take advantage of…

I attended my free coupon class. It was very informative, I'm glad I went! I'll give you tips I learned at the class very soon.

After my class we Googled a Redbox coupon code and enjoyed a FREE Redbox movie. Remember to always search for a coupon before buying anything!!

We got our family pictures taken by Mal Walker Photography.

Mal has temporarily moved to Florida, but GOOD NEWS UTAHNS…they are moving back to Utah in August!!! Be sure to give her a call to do your pictures, she is incredible!
What do you think??

 You'd hardly guess my son has been sick with a stomach bug for 2 weeks and was super cranky, right??

Ok, seriously? How cute is my kid? 
Ok, I'm done.
SATURDAY NIGHT after our photo session we enjoyed dinner at the Blue Iguana. After using my B1G1 Free coupon, our dinner was only $16! It was a fun family date night that we enjoyed. Remember: you should NEVER pay full-price for a meal. EVER!
Be sure to check our coupons & deals page every day so you don't miss out on any great restaurant deals!

We spent the rest of the weekend continuing to re-do our house to make room for baby girl to come. Only 9 weeks left! Yikes! 
I can't wait to show you the before and after pics. You won't believe your eyes 🙂
A friend and I visited an older friend of ours who fell and broke her hip while exercising. She is in a rehab facility or a while while she recoups. Poor thing! To cheer her up:
  • We brought her a plant. We figured it would last longer than flowers!
  • I made her a loaf of French Bread. Since she is elderly, I didn't know if she would like sweets like cookies. I figured bread is universal, right?! Who doesn't love fresh bread! I made the dough in my bread maker so it was super fast and completely effortless.
  • I whipped some honey and butter, making my own honey butter for her! I put it in a leftover baby food jar, wrapped them both up in ribbon, and put them in a gift bag. 
It's a great cheap, easy, and delish gift idea for you!
So that was our weekend.

Hope your weekend was great too, and hope your week to come is even better!