Happy Monday!
The last two weekends we've had family in town, so we've done lots of fun family activities.
I thought I'd share some fun, cheap, or free things that I've done the last two weeks or so in hopes that it helps YOU in any way. Enjoy đŸ™‚
*Note: Sorry about the quality of my pics, they were all taken with my phone. I've been lazy lately about carrying my camera around with me!
  • My SIL flew in from Nor Cal to go to a Mother's Day retreat with me. P.S…no, this wasn't at a church…this was in someone's house. How cool is that fireplace??
 It was SO. SO. SO. SO. GREAT.
It was fun, it was informative, it was inspiring, I made lots of new friends, and it was an escape from my day-to-day.
WHY are retreats worth the money?
Because sure, you could probably go to the internet and spend hours learning about something. But how fun (and effective) is that really?? You learn better when you can get face-to-face learning, interaction, and feedback from people. With retreats it's like a glorified classroom setting. You can ask questions, input comments, and get a lot more out of the discussion than just reading words on a page. You make friends, have fun, eat good food…
Seriously, I love retreats!…
That's why I'm holding my own in June đŸ™‚
So don't forget to register for my Frugality Boot Camp retreat HERE, and be sure to enter the giveaway to win a free ticket!!
Ok, moving on.

  • After the retreat we had fun in Salt Lake before taking our SIL to the airport. We ate at Blue Lemon which was soooo good. I couldn't find a coupon online, so we just tried to share as much food as possible and saved our leftovers for future meals.
We had fun playing in the fountains at City Creek.
  • Unfortunately I had to deal with some sick kiddos for two weeks. That is DEFINITELY no fun. Now that they are doing better I am going to use my dishwasher trick to de-germ their toys.

We eat LOTS of popsicles at our house when kids are sick.

  • Last week there was a great deal on corn at Sunflower Market, 6 for $1!
I price-matched a huge bag at Walmart. We ate some with our dinners for a few days.
For the rest, we shucked it all (with help from my big helper…)
I cooked it up (I try to steam it to preserve the nutrients, but I boiled it this time for convenience.)
Then, I slice the corn off the cob, fill little sandwich baggies with the corn, and freeze it. Now I have fresh-frozen corn any time I want so I don't have to use the canned stuff! Cheap, and healthy. Love it!
  • For dinner one night we made strawberry spinach salads with grilled chicken and candied almonds. It was reeeeeally easy and so good! I'm not normally much of a salad person, but we had strawberries and spinach that we needed to use up. It was delish!
Remember to ALWAYS try to find a use for food before throwing it out.
For Mother's Day my husband made me an adorable card from him and “the kids”.
He let me take a nap after church and I woke up to a set table,
…and an amazing dinner!
He made the same meal as last year (as per my request). Chicken Parmesan, pasta, salad, and even baked a cake. Yes, he's a keeper.
I love Mother's Day.


  • We've been working on potty training, taking it nice and easy so I don't push him before he's ready. He's been doing great so far!…mostly due to the fact that his undies are super awesome.
And no, we don't have a fridge on our deck, it's our grill. Looks like a fridge in this pic, though…
  • The weather has been nice so we've done a lot of FREE playing on our deck. I got the kiddie pools on clearance last year as summer was winding down, around August. We've definitely gotten great use out of them!
  • While my kids play in the water I try to work on projects. Multi-tasking is the only way to go for me any more. This particular day I worked on “the book graveyard” as I call it.

My son is accidentally (or sometimes on purpose…grrr…) pretty rough with his books. He went through a phase where he would rip them constantly. I kept track of all the ripped parts and I'm taping them back together. He slowly earns back the books he's “broken” by showing me he can be nice to his books. Books are expensive, so I buy them from thrift stores and yardsales and try to make them last as long as possible!

  • I had my KSL News segment on Thursday about what to buy from Costco. It was wild…they forgot to come and get me from the lobby until the literal last second. I got mic'd and ran out onto the set just as the cameras started rolling. It was crazy, but turned out ok I think!
This is the only picture I got of the day because we were so rushed before the segment. And I don't think they posted the video online, but I'll try to get it for you from the producer.
  • It was the weekend of showers! My cute cousin Brittany had a bridal shower. The food was gorgeous. Look at this easy and beautiful presentation:
Flowers on the pasta salad, and dipping sauce in bell peppers. Lovely! And you could rinse out and re-use the hollowed out peppers when you're done, which you should do. Never waste food!
  • I left that shower and went straight to my friend Lilian's baby shower. Yes, my hair is crazy in this pic. Hey, it was a long day, ok?!
Isn't she cute? Brazilian. Gorgeous. Love her.
They also had adorable and cute food at the party. Look at these clever ideas:
1. Trinkets on the cupcakes,
2. Individual containers of mints and M&M's so people can take them with them or eat them at the party. I love that idea!

They played the best games at the shower, too.


  • They had 3 different baby bottles, each filled with different things. One had M&M's, one had baby Q-tips, the third had baby safety pins. You had to guess how many were in each bottle, so they had 3 different winners. It was a cute game because you could do it throughout the party and not have to organize everyone to sit still and stop talking all at one time. No, I didn't win any of them, dang it.
  • This was my favorite! They gave you a paper plate which you had to hold up to your forehead. You then had to draw a baby on the plate, yes, while the plate is still being held to your forehead!  Then Lilian got to choose her favorite. It was so funny to see how the pictures turned out. Let me tell you, it's not easy drawing a baby on your forehead!
The winning baby. Pretty good, eh?
I thought those were clever ideas which I had never seen at a shower before…and let me tell you, I have been to a LOT of showers đŸ™‚
P.S…for tons more shower and party ideas, click HERE.
Today I'm packing up and cleaning out my car, because I'm making my 12-hour treck to Oregon again tomorrow…with my kids…by myself…again. Crazy? Probably. But it's worth it for a little vacation time!
So that's my wrap-up. How was YOUR weekend/week?
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