Welcome back, everyone! How was your weekend?
The weather was surprisingly GORGEOUS here in Utah, so that definitely lifted my spirits.
Though…it's raining now. 
What a tease.


Call me crazy, but I modeled a swimsuit. Pregnant. ON TV!! PREGNANT. Did I mention I'm pregnant? It's true, and I'm nuts. 
I really think I have something wrong with me that I agreed to do this.
Brooke and Brittany (the twins that produced the segment) are my cousins, and I did them a favor. A HUGE favor! Haha. It was pretty fun to see the “behind the scenes” actually…but I most likely won't be putting a swimsuit on for TV again any time soon. EVER.

Click HERE to see the swimsuit segment.
Click HERE to see my favorite segment, the one where they finally let us wear COVERUPS!

Friday night we took my hubby's grandma to Red Robin for Mother's Day. It was her choice, but it's one of our favorite restaurants so we loved it!

Using the coupons we got for being on their email list (see below) we got an appetizer, two entrees (my hubby and I split a burger), unlimited fries, and a milk shake (that fed 3 easily…) for just $15! Our waitress was awesome and gave us our milkshake for free. I love it when they do that.

It was delish and we were STUFFED.


My husband sold lots of his stuff and got enough money to finally go out and buy an awesome mountain bike! I'm so happy for him! Remember to sell your unwanted stuff and put the money toward something new.
I watched our son while he went biking, then he babysat while I ran errands. I'm throwing three showers in the next 6 weeks and I've been having a BLAST getting stuff together. I can't wait to show you all the cute and fun things I'm doing! You can still get some cute Easter stuff on clearance at the craft stores, by the way.

***TIP: Joann Fabrics takes competitor coupons! So print out Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, and Joann coupons and take them all with you, and MAKE THEM use all of them for you! Remember to be assertive and it will work.

Mother's Day! My husband let me sleep in, then surprised me with breakfast in bed (loooove it). Then we had a busy morning finalizing the talks we were asked to give in our Sacrament church service. We enjoyed church (once we were done speaking especially!), then my husband made dinner for my mother's day gift. It was delish!

He made chicken parmesan, 

sun-dried tomato pesto pasta, salad, and corn on the cob boiled with sugar and lemon juice. It was soooo good! He has never really cooked a whole meal himself before since we've been married, and it was flawless. I'm so proud of him!

The pasta was amazing. It was a box of the veggie-added pasta we got for FREE from this deal. He just boiled it, added some yummy pesto, and it was delish.

Though it's not Foodie Tuesday yet, I thought I'd share his recipes with you (click to see bigger):

The best part? Unlike me, he's a super clean cook and cleaned everything up as he went. I think we need to make this a regular occurrence…

Thanks for a great mom's day, babe!

I spent all my new down-time over the weekend finishing up some baby blankets I've been crocheting for friends and family.

My grandma taught me to crochet when I was 7 or 8, but I've never really made much…until now!

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I've definitely caught the bug and can't get enough. I only know one stitch, but its certainly enough to go wild. All I want to do is crochet all day long! It's therapeutic, easy, and you only need one needle and one thing of yarn.

 And while it is super time-consuming to make one, I love crochet blankets. My son got one as a baby gift and he won't sleep without it now. It's nearly impossible to stain, gets softer every time we wash it, can't get holes in it (woo hoo!), and I didn't have to worry as much about him suffocating with it.

I'll actually teach you how to crochet soon for a Super Savvy Saturday project. Be excited!

Here's another one I finished.

I tend to make my blankets a little wider than usual. Most of my son's baby blankets were perfectly square, so they don't fit very well in the bottom of his crib. I like mine a little long and skinny.
I added some super soft yard to the edges of this one, it turned out pretty cute, I think.  

So that was my weekend!
How was yours?