Happy Monday! Want to learn some Frugal Fashion Tips?
I thought I'd start off the week with a quick, fun FCF Q&A for ya about. Remember, I like questions of all forms, shapes, and sizes! Especially when I can share some Frugal Fashion Tips. Here's a fun one:


Hi there,Love your segments!  Can you tell me where you got your skirt that you had on today?  I loved it!
Thanks,  Wendy

Well gee-willy gorsh, thanks Wendy!!
P.S…watch the segment HERE.

Thanks, Wendy! The skirt is pretty fun, huh? As I like to say…no outfit is complete without a little animal print 😉
I'll dissect my whole outfit for you all, just for kicks:

  • HERE's how I get cheap my hair cut/colored for cheap.
  • My shirt I got from the HUGE King of Prussia Mall near Philly when I was there doing QVC recently. It was $10 from some random clubbing store that had 700in tall crazy shoes, multi-colored striped jeans, faux fur vests with sparkle and all sorts of randomness. I got it in a mustard color and this fuschia color. Just goes to show you never know what you can find on a sale rack, in whatever store you're in!
  • The skirt I got at that same mall from Charlotte Russe, on the sale rack of course. It was $7 I believe. I love it because it's SUPER stretchy, which is a must now that I'm prego.
  • My shoes are new also, I LOVE THEM. They are black, lacy-looking, with a bit of sparkle. And of course they have a ridiculously high heel because that's how I roll.
They are Ivanka Trump, and as you can see HERE they are EX-PEN-SIVE.
If any of you ever pay $100+ for shoes I'll personally go to your house and give you a spanking. 
That is a big no no people!

On that same trip to the mall near Philly, DSW shoes was having a HUGE clearance event. They were marked down, marked down again, then were 75% off the lowest price. I got them in the $20's, can't remember for how much exactly. Believe it or not that's still actually a bit more than I like to pay for shoes, but they are reeeeeeally cute and I have no plain black shoes so I just had to get them. 🙂

So there you go! That's my entirely new outfit, all on sale, all pieces I can wear again and again with different things. Remember my sale shopping tips and tricks here.
Memorize them.
Live by them.
Love and caress them.
Marry them…
And have fun shopping!
Thanks for the Q&A, Wendy 🙂