I get hundreds of questions each week, and I'm not the best at getting to them all the time. But I've been really trying to clean out my inbox before baby #3 comes (in 7 days or less! Woo hoo!) and thought I'd share with all of you some of the Q&A I've been having! (Check out other Q&A's HERE)
Enjoy 🙂
When is your next Boot Camp? Where?

Hello Hello!
I love your blog and I love getting the updates in my email. I loved reading about the Frugality Boot Camp and all the fun you had. I had been reading about it for the past couple of months since I started following your blog! How I wish I could have arranged to travel to Utah, stay with my family up in the Ogden area, and participate in such a fun and inspiring and uplifting event! Do you know when you will be putting on another event like this? I own a scrapbook retreat in Colorado and would need to block out the time so that I can attend. But I see this as a priceless resource and I know that my sisters and my cousins in the area would love to be a part of this! After all, who couldn't use more information on how to manage their money and time with family? Anyways, I thought I would let you know how great I think your blog is, and how I would love to attend your next event. Have a great week! – Jessica F

Hello Jessica!

Thanks for your email, it made my day 🙂 
Yes, we plan to do the FBC again for sure. At first our plan was to do it annually, every January. However, the last one was so successful we may increase the frequency! We will for sure do them every January, but now we're talking about doing them every 6 months at least. We may even increase one of them to a big 2-day seminar eventually for those who want extended time to learn everything, and keep the other FBC to one day. The best thing to do is sign up for our newsletter (go to www.funcheaporfree.com and click on the yellow triangle banner at the top of the page, with the envelope picture on it – OR enter your email in the box above my picture on the home page) and I'll be sure to blast it to the world when we decide when our next one will be. Maybe June-ish?
We are also working on the technology to make a web-version of FBC for those who are out of town. It would most likely be a 4 or 6-week series where you tune in and get all the classes, but broken down into 1-hour increments or so. I'll be sure to blast this to the world also, once it's up and running.
Thanks again for your email and for reading. Enjoy your weekend!

I was told that Walmart no longer matches store brands. Is that true?

Hi Jordan,
I recently found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it has drastically changed my shopping techniques! I've also started your envelope method and that has been very helpful as well!
One question, I recently was checking out in Walmart, with my price matching info. in hand…and was told by the cashier that they no longer are price matching store brand to store brand. Have you run in to this? I looked up their policy and it states that they do not honor “competitors private label price promotions”. I was curious to see if this is something new that they've started? Just curious on your thoughts?
Thanks again for sharing all of your helpful information.
Take care,
Kelly M, Appomattox, VA
PS – I love the idea of a webscast of your Frugality Bootcamp next year! I host a few mom's events and would love to work out something with that!

Hello Kelly,

Thanks for your email! 
That's a great question. Honestly, no, I haven't run into this. You must've gotten a cranky checker that day 🙂 Really, it's hard because their terms are pretty subjective and open to interpretation from checker to checker. My local Neighborhood Walmart, for example, totally lets me match store-brand to store-brand, and that's where most of my best deals come from each week. So keep trying! But it may just be the policy of that particular Walmart that they won't match store-brands. Click HERE to read my in-depth description of how I grocery shop.
Good luck!
P.S…glad you love the webcast idea! Once things settle down after I have my baby in the next week we're going to hit that project hard and hope to crank it out soon for you all. Enjoy your weekend!

Questions about the envelope tracking system…

Hi Jordan, 
I had a couple questions for you about tracking spending through the envelope method. I love the way you pay for everything with your credit card and then keep receipts in envelopes with the budget broke down between 4 weeks. My husband and I tried the cash method and it just didn't work(he would need to run to the store after work and had no cash, etc)
The question I have is, do you take each receipt out after a shopping trip and enter it somewhere so you can see what you spent that day for food, gas, other expenses, whatever it might be or do you have another method to really track all that's going out that month?
Also, do you have a certain amount set aside each month for things like clothes and vacations, things like that that you transfer into a special savings account?
I would really appreciate some feedback bc my husband and I are trying to save up to build a house and being young and new to budgeting it's a bit of a confusing road. Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much! – Jessica S.

Hello Jessica!

Thanks for the question! This post will answer all of your questions in depth much better than I could in an email: 
Just be sure to read the explanation and not just watch the video.
In addition, here is a post that could help answer additional questions: 
I hope that helps, best of luck to you! – Jordan

How do we budget when both my husband and I do the shopping and cooking?

I really want to get our finances under control and want to try out your system. The only problem is that my husband and I both do the grocery shopping. Our store is positioned right at the entrance to our subdivision, so whoever has time (or energy) and is driving by, will pick up what we need (one of us provides the other with a list via text). We both work, we both shop, we both cook. Now, my husband is the biggest impulse buyer out of the two of us, while at the store. I don't want *my* food budget being blown because he wanted something extra, so I don't want to send him with “my” food budget money, but I know he won't pay for it separately from the rest of the food order out of his money because it would be deemed a PITA. If we split the food budget into our individual accounts, that would solve that issue, but then what if I happen to have more time to grocery shop that month, but the amount I was allotted in the split isn't enoug h, because the other half is in his account? See my dilemma? Any suggestions other than nagging him not to spend extra money at the store?

I've been trying to convince him to have something similar to your 7 account system too, but he is reluctant. I don't even know why….we already have multiple accounts!  – Tera

I definitely recommend dividing up the responsibility. However you choose to do it, you should only go grocery shopping ONE TIME per week – no exceptions. Plan it out in advance and stock up on everything you need for the week. Whether it's you or your husband that's up to you, but just one time is all! I recommend delegating the responsibility to just one of you and having the same person do it week after week. It helps that one person get savvy with the shopping, and will polish your budget and routine. I'm the one that does the grocery shopping in my house because I'm the one that does the cooking – so I need to shop so I can plan my meals around the sales.

I definitely understand that both of you do the cooking, but I still recommend having only ONE of you in charge of groceries. Plan out the meals together if needed, and you can trade off cooking them…but you need to divide up the responsibilities, budget, and duties. Trust me, it will pay off (literally) in the long run!
And in terms of the 7 bank accounts dilemma, you just need to talk it through with him. Maybe set up a plan to give it a try for 6 months. If it doesn't work, then come up with a new solution. But maybe if you compromise with him and meet in the middle it will work. My husband used to track all of our finances, and frankly, our finances were in complete disarray. Love him to death, but his methods weren't working. That's when I came to him and said, “let's try it MY WAY for ___ months and if it doesn't work, we'll go to your way. But let's just try it.” and it worked…and is still working! So just talk it through and compromise. Good luck!

Those were just a few great questions. Stay tuned and I'll try to post more questions, more frequently. Have a great Monday everyone!