Book Club

I don't read. Like, ever. Don't get me wrong, I love reading, and have read some great books in my life. But I've let blogging/mommy/everyday life stuff get in the way of taking the time to read quality books. Time to change that! For me, I work best when I have a support group working along side me, keeping me accountable and working toward the same goal. So…let's read good things together! I want to introduce you to the bright shiny and new FCF BOOK CLUB!

In light of our February “Focus on Relationships” month the book I've chosen for this month is an oldie but goodie – “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.

5 love languages



It's an easy read. It's 209 pages, which is only 8 pages per day to finish it by the end of February. Be sure to read it with your spouse/partner – reading it together will help you get some important conversations going, and will help you figure out each others' love languages! Bubba and I have read the book together at least 3x and it's done wonders for our relationship every time we read it.


The book is written for husbands/wives, however…I find myself using the principles in this book with every relationship in my life, almost daily. Regardless if you're married, single, or in a committed relationship, this book is worth the read because it really helps you understand how we all feel loved and why we do the things we do.

Bubba actually uses this book with his employees every day. When he hires someone he tries to figure out what their love language is. It helps hime know how his employees feel appreciated, what motivates them, and helps him know what type of interaction they feel most comfortable with.

So call your library, get it on Kindle (but be warned, it was a shorter version a few years ago when I bought it on Kindle and left out a bunch of stuff), or borrow it from a friend and follow along this month!