Family Reunion Ideas That Will Be a Hit for All Ages

Jun 14, 2020 | Entertain, Family Time, Lifestyle

Say goodbye to those stuffy, old, uncomfortable family reunions. It's time to take over and transform your gathering into a grand old time for ALL ages with these fun family reunion ideas!

These BEST family reunion ideas are sure to be a hit for all ages. Find tips and ideas at Fun Cheap or Free!

Family reunions can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a challenge… especially if YOU are the one in charge of planning it. Trying to please a large group of people ranging in age from infant to elderly… all related to each other?? Phew… good luck with that!

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Well, worry not because we have compiled a TON of fun family reunion ideas that will make this year's gathering a hit for everyone involved. Be careful though, it may just be SO good they'll ask you to plan it every year!


Learn how to PLAN a family reunion the whole family will enjoy! Get ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

There are a few key things to keep in mind before planning your family reunion.

  • What is Everyone's Budget – Be considerate and plan to the lowest budget of the group. You don't want finances to keep anyone from coming… but it IS important to determine how you will pay for the venue.
  • Travel Distance – Choose a central location closest to the most people or at least closest to the family matriarch and patriarch.
  • Choose a Neutral Date – Check with family months in advance so they can put it on their calendar!
  • Delegate Tasks – You can't do it all alone! Choose a handful of “helpers” to get things checked off the list for you. Is someone good with budgeting? Can someone creative design a family t-shirt? Play on your strengths.

Work together with your family to make this the BEST family reunion you've ever had!


Who doesn't love games at a family reunion? Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Have a Board Game MarathonMonopoly, Clue… whatever you can find!
  • Play Dominoes – Get the youngsters involved with the older generation and let them learn to play.
  • Minute to Win It – This one is fun for the players and the audience!
  • Water Balloon Toss – Make sure you bring a few towels for this one.
  • Slip ‘n Slide Whiffle Ball – Maybe let the younger generation stick to this one. 😉
  • Trivial PursuitThis one will be fun with the varying ages!
  • Go On a Scavenger Hunt – Break up into teams and have a small prize for the winners.
  • Sack Race – Grab some burlap sacks and watch the kids go crazy!
  • Egg Spoon Race – Don't drop the egg or you're OUT!
  • HedbanzAnother game fun for ALL ages.
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey – A party classic!
  • Apples to Apples – There is even a kid version for the kid's table and a big box party version for the adults.
  • Cornhole – Perfect for getting everyone outside!

Try to get everyone involved in at least one game… even if it means just watching and laughing along!


Make your gathering memorable with these fun family reunion food ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

Feeding a large group can be challenging unless you decide to spend the money on a catering service. If you don't have a catering service in your budget, ask all family members to bring a dish and make it a pot luck. Here are some ideas to make the meal even more meaningful!

  • Feast of Favorites – Have everyone bring their family's VERY favorite dish to the family reunion. Let them tell stories of the dish as people serve themselves!
  • Host a Baking Competition – Designate a judge and offer up a small reward for the winner! Cookies, cakes and pies are always winners in our books.
  • Bring To-Go Boxes – Have to-go boxes available for people to fill with their favorite family dishes when the meal is done. Write their name on the box and store them in the refrigerator until they leave for home.

Meal times are so special for families. Use these best conversation starters to strike up conversations with all your relatives!


Instead of buying decorations for your family reunion, have some of the youngest members make some by hand. Create colorful banners out of twine and scrapbook paper for the wall decor and pick fresh wildflowers for the center pieces. Stick them in a vase with a bow and you have beautiful decorations that cost almost nothing! Budget WIN!


Make memories with these fun family reunion ideas that your family will LOVE! Get ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

Make the most of the time you have with your family and grow closer with these fun family reunion activities!

  • Make a Memory Board – Use old photos and cards with memories written down.
  • Set Up a Photo Booth – Have a few photo booth props available for some silly memories in the making! Nothing like seeing Granny in a fake mustache and giant green glasses.
  • Tell Stories – Listen to how it was when your parents or grandparents grew up. It's amazing!
  • Make a Thumbprint Family Tree – What a treasure to have! Make one every year and see how it grows and changes.
  • Create a Family Recipe Book – Compile the BEST family recipes into a book for all to have.
  • Watch Old Family Videos – Laugh, cry… and get embarrassed!
  • Create a Time Capsule – This one is so special. Give it to a family member who will bury it on their property to reopen in 10 years.
  • Host a Talent Show – Bet you never knew Uncle Dan could dance like that!
  • Take a Group Photo – Do it early just in case someone has to leave.
  • Guess the Baby Picture – Can you match the baby picture to the relative?
  • Make a Family History Timeline – It is so fascinating hearing events our older family member have lived through.

With these awesome family reunion ideas, we think you'll have the BEST gathering ever! It'll be one the WHOLE family remembers for years to come. What is your favorite family reunion idea? Share with us in the comments below!

Fun family reunion ideas for all ages! These ideas will help you plan a wide range of memorable activities. Fun Cheap or Free

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