Today we're showing you around Aspen Hill Lodge. Join us for this family cabin tour where you'll see inside the rooms, kitchen, lodge, and beautiful outside.

Come join us on a family cabin tour of Aspen Hill Lodge with Fun Cheap or Free!

Buckle up Freebs, because you're about to have an exclusive tour of our family cabin! Since you can't be with us in person, video is the next best thing. Just close your eyes and imagine you're snowmobiling with us.

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The Aspen Hill Lodge has been a dream of our for so long and we're excited to take you behind the scenes and show you everything… even the chaos, madness, and messes that come with a giant family cabin! You get to see it all!

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Whew! Wasn't that fun?! Keep reading for some seriously good discount codes plus the whole backstory.


The story of how we acquired Aspen Hill Lodge - From Fun Cheap or Free

Aspen Hill Lodge is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Utah away from most civilization. It's the PERFECT escape from society! It sits on 75 acres and has private access to over 8,000 acres of Utah State Land that won't ever be developed but it's free to use for recreational purposes. Basically it's an adult version of a playground.

The story behind this place is pretty unique. It was actually built in the late 90s as a dude ranch, which is a motel where you basically pretend to be a cowboy for a week. *chuckle* Unfortunately, that business didn't work out, so another family bought it. They had possession for 14 years, but rarely used it, so they tried to sell it, but it sat on the market for 14 years!

Multiple people tried to buy it, but because of the weird complications due to its classifications, no one could quite get it to work out. It took us TWO years of negotiations, hassle, and hard work, but WE DID IT! We budgeted for YEARS and said no to many things that we wanted, so we could have this.

We love how Aspen Hill Lodge has brought us closer together as a family! Cabin tour from Fun Cheap or Free

You might be wondering, why in the heck do we need or even want a 16 bedroom hotel-looking cabin. Easy! We wanted a place for our family to gather for generations to come as well as a place to host retreats for people all over the country. (Sorry, due to the commercial status of the cabin, we are not able to rent it out. We HAVE to be present for all events.)

So far we have absolutely loved every minute spent at the cabin! It's beautiful in all seasons! Family photo credit @lizzyography


Come on a family cabin tour with us! Aspen Hill Lodge tour with Fun Cheap or Free

The Classy Clutter girls are absolutely AMAZING! These ladies are behind the beautiful redesign of the bedrooms at Aspen Hills Lodge. They busted tail and did a complete overhaul on all the rooms at the cabin in less than 72 hours. Can you say miracle workers??


After years of saving and searching, we finally bought our dream family cabin! Come take a tour with Fun Cheap or Free

We're lucky to have so many AMAZING products and features in the cabin. Check out a few of our favorites linked below:

  • Vivint Security System – Hands down we would not feel as safe as we do without our security system. Ever since the attempted break in at our home, we've loved Vivint even more! Check them out HERE and use code FUNDBC for a Free Doorbell Cam with your security system purchase.
  • Inflatable Tumbling Mat – Our kids play on this ALL of the time!
  • Jungle Jumparoos – Kids (and adults) LOVE these! Use code FUNCHEAP10 for 10% off.
  • Instant Pot – If you don't have one of these yet, you NEED one! They're so helpful in the kitchen.
  • Beddy's – The best bedding EVER! They're on every single bed at the cabin and in our house. They make making your bed a BREEZE! Use code FUNCHEAPORFREE20 for 20% off.
  • Minky Blankets – If you've ever wanted to snuggle a soft furry blanket of awesomeness, this is what you need! They're at the foot of every bed in the cabin and are our blanket of choice. Use code PAGE45 for 45% off!
  • Purple Mattresses – You'll get your best night's sleep in a LONG time on one of these!

Well, there you have it! A little inside look into our perfect slice of paradise. We hope you enjoyed this family cabin tour. What do you want to see us film next? Let us know in the comments below!

Come take a family cabin tour of Aspen Hill Lodge with Fun Cheap or Free!

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