Exciting news…I am now offering consulting services and FREE public speaking

Exciting news! 
I get so many emails, questions, and requests, I've finally decided to do something about it. I am now offering consulting services to better serve YOU! 
Come hang out with me…I swear I'm cool.
To be completely honest…I don't love blogging. 
In fact, I don't really like it that much at all. 
What I LOVE is getting my information out there and HELPING people. I especially love teaching, doing TV segments, speaking…anything face-to-face where I can really get to know you better and KNOW that what I am doing is making a difference.
(my computer isn't a great conversationalist, not going to lie.)
So I'm going to give this a shot! Here's what I'm currently offering:

1. Consulting.

Need help setting a family budget?
Need to completely re-vamp your spending habits?
Need help deciding where to tighten your belt financially?
Need help simply learning how to become more frugal?
Want me to shop with you and show you how to spend way less at the store?

I'd be happy to. 

Consulting services available upon request, contact me for details (funcheaporfree [at] gmail.com)
**Video chat and phone call options available for those out of the state of Utah.

2. Public speaking and teaching.
Teaching a class, 
speaking to a group,
hosting a “creative savings party”, 
speaking at an event or activity,
doing a Relief Society activity…
…I love public speaking and teaching! I love seeing people face-to-face and helping them one-on-one. I am currently offering this service FOR FREE for a very limited time, I just ask that I am not left with any travel and/or accommodation fees. Take advantage while it's FREE-99!
For more information on my advertising and personal services, click HERE.
Don't see what you need? Email me, I'm happy to work something out. I'm exited to get to work!

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