My everyday makeup tutorial…using mostly DRUGSTORE makeup!

everyday makeup tutorial using mostly drugstore makeup

I wear a full face of makeup every single day, without fail. Which is not easy since I have 3 kids under 4 and can hardly eat in a day let alone get a full face of makeup on! Using mostly drugstore products (plus a few extras that you MUST invest in – worth every penny…) I have found the perfect quick, effortless, no-fail makeup routine that is so easy, I can even do it in the car. And remember, I have never gone to beauty school! So if I can do it, you LITERALLY can do it too! Watch the complete, full-explanation video below, or you can see the quick, condensed version.

After posting this pic on posting THIS pic on Instagram and getting an overwhelming response:

everyday makeup tutorial…I figured it's about time! I fixed up a mock studio in my bathroom,

makeup tutorial

…and had at it! This first video is a detailed one, showing you every step of what I do. Don't worry, a quick version of the tutorial is coming soon. To watch the video, watch online HERE or click and watch below. Under the video I have links to the products I use. I have an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on the mineral makeup so be sure to check it out! In the meantime enjoy the tutorial:

The products I used:


(worth the investment on these!)

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Drugstore products:

I have decide that LOTS more videos will be coming so be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube so you don't miss anything! Enjoy!





  1. AvatarAndrea S says

    Yay!! I’m excited for more videos. I swear you use to have a video on how you do your hair everyday but now I can’t find it. Am I mistaken?? Also, have you ever considered perhaps a different mascara solution?? I have a great one for you, Younique 3D fiber lashes!!! Love them, if you are interested email me and I’d be happy to send the mascara to you! It might actually be better than the 3 different ones you use. 🙂

  2. AvatarNikki says

    Just wondering if you’ve used bare minerals. If you have, what were the reasons you switched to this brand? I love my bare minerals, but if there’s something better out there 😉

    • AvatarNatalie says

      I, too, would like to know why this brand vs. Bare Minerals. NS seems hard to find, and I’m not brave enough to buy the right color of foundation online!

      • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

        I hear you about buying online! It’s risky! Luckily they have small $3 samples (that last a surprisingly long time) so you can test before investing. I haven’t used Bare Minerals, but I like NS because it’s a small, local company (buy local! woo hoo!) but I also think they are more affordable and their products are high quality.

  3. AvatarRebecca says

    That is a LOT of makeup! Wow! Not for me. You did it well, and it looks nice, but there is no way I am into all that!

  4. Avatarsarah says

    loved the tutorial. I learned all about coloring in my eye brows from watching you – what a neat trick! do it all the time now. 😉

    I heard you say something about your nose being covered in black heads all the time and wanted to share this with you… I found this thing on Pinterest and tried it and it worked FREAKISHLY well! All you do is,
    1. mix baking soda and milk into a paste. (about 2 TBSP)
    2. rub onto black head prone area.
    3. let sit for 5 mins
    4. rinse off!

    I came out of the bathroom and literally sat next to my husband who looked at me and said, wow your nose is shiny! then touched it and said it was so smooth! This lil recipe seriously rocks and will remove all black heads! I do it once a week now. 🙂 give it a shot! its super easy!

  5. AvatarJennifer says

    Loved your tutorial!! Can’t wait to try it as I hate wearing make up because I feel like it takes so long to put on. Your regim seems pretty manageable.

    And the other annoying part, washing it all off at night. What do you do each night to wash all that make up off and have a fresh, clean face?

  6. AvatarCourtney Jackson says

    Your pretty before and after too :-). Makeup is so fun, but I want to buy new stuff all the time, so I liked the idea you had about eyeshadow palettes or palettes in general, for variety.

  7. AvatarRaye says

    I also love the Urban Decay palette, though agree it is much more than I normally spend on any beauty products. Just a tip–a couple of the individual shadows fell out of my palette and broke, so I pried the others up and then super-glued them back in to prevent this from happening to the rest!

    • AvatarTiffany says

      Ooooh, thanks for the tip! I just had an unfortunate incident with the Blackout color in my palette. Which is sad cuz I used it all the time. I am so going to glue the rest of them down so it doesn’t happen again!

  8. AvatarCarla says

    Love the tutorial. Would you mind adding the color of the bronzer you used? I never used bronzer before and have no idea how dark it should be. Thank you.

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