(Ellen’s) Dance Dare Challenge…basically the funnest thing. EVER.

Mar 9, 2016 | Family Time, Lifestyle

I challenge YOU to a Dance Dare! See what it's all about - www.FunCheapOrFree.com

Brace yourself, today's Wednesday post is a bit of a random one. But I figure hey, it's Birthday Week, let's have a little fun!

Have you ever heard of a Dance Dare? No? Well, my girl Ellen started the Ellen's Dance Dare Challenge, encouraging us to sneak up behind people and dance behind them without getting caught. It's basically the best thing you've ever seen.

As you all know, in the Page household…we dance. (#PageDanceParty, anyone?) Recently I was speaking at the Build Your Blog Conference here in Utah and was given the Dance Dare Challenge. Being the heroine I am, I accepted the challenge like a true warrior and decided to take it, and my 29 week (at the time) prego belly, and epically conquer the Dance Dare taking no prisoners and brandishing a flag of victory. For I never back down from a challenge. NEVAH! (Picture me in leather and fringe, holding a torch or sword or something, leading an army of…really…tough…people…? Or not. Moving on.)

Needless to say, it was entertaining (and harder than I thought)!

All joking aside, I believe in dancing. I think it's not only a fun way to let loose and enjoy life, but it brings people together! We make it a point to try to dance every day in our house. Don't believe me? Check out our #PageDanceParty hashtag on Instagram, and check out these recent posts as proof:

It also helps bring Bubba and I together! It was my turn to plan Valentine's Day so I took him to a latin dancing lesson…and what the what, he was SO good, guys!

That being said…

I challenge YOU to a Dance Dare!

Try it! In the store, walking down the street, anywhere and everywhere. Let loose, have fun, and tag me on social media if you do it. I DARE YOU!

Dance your heart out, Freebs 😉

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