Eggnog french toast recipe
Happy Saturday! I have the best eggnog french toast recipe that I can't wait to share with you!
We are all hunkered down inside because it is DUMPING snow here in Utah.
This was disappointing to me because this morning I woke up with a major hankering for my favorite Kneaders french toast…
…but we won't be going anywhere for a while.
I bought a huge bag of bread ends from the Kneaders bakery yesterday (just like I did back HERE) and decided to make my own French Toast.
I got out the ingredients, melted the butter in the pans, got our the seasonings, then realized…
What? How can you make French Toast without eggs??
Use egg nog, of course!
Turns out, it's easy.
All you do is dump a cup or two of egg nog in a shallow dish, add seasonings if desired (I added cinnamon and nutmeg)
Soak your bread in the eggnog mixture then fry in a pan of melted butter until browned on both sides.
Top with powdered sugar, syrup, and any other favorite toppings of yours and voila! Easy and delish!
And for you non-egg nog lovers out there, don't worry, it tastes absolutely nothing like eggnog.
Happy eating!