Easy twisted side-braid, my “You can’t tell I didn’t shower today” hair

Easy twisted side braid - great lazy-day hair!I have a confession to make…I don't always shower every day. Gross, maybe, but it's true. (Hey, I have 3 kids and my oldest just turned 4. I'm lucky if I get to eat in a day, let alone shower!) Though I'm mediocre in the showering department, I am pro at putting on a presentable (and deceivingly easy) appearance – in just minutes. It would be a very rare day if you found me makeup-less, in sweats, hair undone…even though I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes to get fully ready in the morning. Looking fabulous doesn't have to take long…even if you haven't showered!

One of my tricks is that I have a few go-to, lickety-split hair styles that only take moments to do, but will make you look polished like you've spent hours on your appearance. I would like to introduce you to one of my favorites…

 The Easy Twisted Side-Braid

Easy twisted side-braid. Great lazy-day hair!

Now, you must all forgive my photos. In true Jordan, anti-Pinterest-perfect fashion, I refuse to spend the amount of time it takes with expensive lighting and re-do after re-do after re-do to capture the Pinterest-perfect picture for you. This is what my hair REALLY looked like, after I REALLY spent only 2 or 3 minutes on it, at the end of a REALLY long, really REAL day, when I was about to get ready for bed and Bubba suggested we snap a few pictures with REALLY bad lighting on my nearly-dead phone, just in case I wanted to blog about it. (Good thinking, babe!). So take it or leave it, this is REALLY doable, and these cruddy pictures REALLY prove it! (Are you REALLY sick of this yet?)

Here's what you do:

 The Easy Twisted Side-Braid - great lazy-day hair.

I teased the back of my hair to give it some uumpf. I hadn't showered, remember? My hair was pretty scraggly. I started at the crown of my head, took a 2-3 inch section of hair, and lightly back-combed it. It works well if you lightly spray the underside of the section of hair before teasing it. I repeated with sections above and around the first one, trying to make it even and avoid any big poof bumps. I carefully (barely) combed through the top layer of hair to smooth it out, without brushing out all the back-combing I had just done. This takes maybe 30 seconds.

 The Easy Twisted Side-Braid - great lazy-day hair.

Next, I grabbed a section of hair by my temple and twisted it back, adding a little more hair to the twist as I went (like you would a french braid).  I held it in place with a few bobby pins while I got my braid ready. This took less than 30 seconds.

 The Easy Twisted Side-Braid - great lazy-day hair.

Last, I did a side-braid and merged the end of the twist with the braid. I stuck some bobby pins in the areas that were tweaking or loose, and BAM! Simple, easy, 2-3 minute hair. As you can see no, it's not perfect, no, I didn't have time to straighten my hair before-hand, and no, I didn't re-do it to make it look “just right”. I did it in one shot and called it better than a scraggly pony tail. It's REAL hair for REAL people in a REAL hurry, remember? Don't get too caught up on perfection, embrace the character of it all!

Easy twisted side-braid. Great lazy-day hair!

I felt confident and put-together all day, even though I hadn't showered, had tossed on a yard sale sweater and a pair of jeans that had who knows what smeared on them from breakfast, and did my makeup at red lights in the car driving to dance class. It's amazing what 3 minutes can do. (P.S see my makeup routine HERE.)

Easy twisted side braid - great lazy-day hair!

Give it a try, and maybe it will become YOUR favorite lazy day hair too!






  1. AvatarSharon says

    I sometimes wonder if it is even healthy to shower every day. I think it’s a modern thing personally. I do shower every day and I live in Colorado which is already very drying. If I don’t shower every day I don’t feel fresh, but there has to be a better way. I only wash my hair twice a week because it’s very dry and curly. But I feel like I have to shower every day. I think it would save a lot of water if everyone didn’t shower every day though!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I totally agree. Let’s have a “no showering every day!” movement! It will make me feel better about myself, anyway… “)

  2. AvatarAshley says

    Ha, this is just what I needed. I have three kids as well and my oldest just turned three (I have 13 months old twins). And you are right, it gets really hard to spend even five minutes in the morning getting ready for the day sometimes! My hair always always looks awful but maybe with this tutorial, I can look half decent!

      • AvatarJennifer says

        Great idea, Jordan! I liked this so much and had my own non-shower day yesterday. Someone at work actually told me they thought my hair was cute! Love that it took me a few minutes, even with the unwashed hair. I actually did it this way today, too, for my son’s basketball game. Made me feel like I put some effort in on top of my jeans and shirt.
        Of course it looks adorable on you! Thanks so much!

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