I know today is technically “Replay Thursday”, but I'm desperately trying to show you all the how-to's of the showers I threw recently before I turn 85! 
So today I'm going to show you how to do the cute take-home gifts I made for my friend's shower.

She's a pharmaceutical rep, so we thought we'd play it up a tiny bit. I decided to make some candy-filled pill bottles as the take home gift!
Here's how I did it:
I searched and searched for empty pill bottles. Some pharmacies will sell them to you, but I just bought a box off of Ebay. It was $5 for 50 bottles, plus $10 shipping. 
The shipping cost was a bummer to me, but that's shipping for you. It would've been about the same cost from a pharmacy.
I put them all in the dishwasher, labels and all. I was hoping the labels would come off on their own once washed…they didn't. I just stuck the new label right over the old one and it turned out great anyway!
I bought a big bag of “pill-looking” candy. I happened to get it on clearance from Target, woo hoo! Was $5.99, on sale for $3.38.

 Once the bottles were cleaned, I got out my cheap $1 ribbon that I stock up on from fabric stores. I decided to go with a pale pink (so girly, right?!).

I used GIMP and made my own custom “prescription” labels. I used Google to find the RX image, the bar code, and to check out other labels to see what they typically look like. This is the one I liked best:

And I took ideas from it to make my own:

I printed them out on mailing labels that I bought from Xpedx. You can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere, just FYI, but I was in a hurry and it was the closest to me!
I attached the labels, and filled them with candy. I was surprised by how much they held! The bottles said they held about 90 pills each, so it ended up being about 2-2.5 handfuls of candy. I never thought they would hold that much.
Buy more than you think you need!

I glued a little bow on each one, arranged them in a cute matching basket, and had them at the top of the stairs for guests to grab as they left the party. 
I ran out of time to and couldn't make a cuter sign, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the time to make yours much cuter than mine!

And there you have it! Everyone got a kick out of them, and now I have a bunch of leftover pill bottles to use for crafts, candy, kids toys, etc. (It's nice that they are child-proof!)
There you have it!