DIY Project: Pill bottle party favors

I know today is technically “Replay Thursday”, but I'm desperately trying to show you all the how-to's of the showers I threw recently before I turn 85! 
So today I'm going to show you how to do the cute take-home gifts I made for my friend's shower.

She's a pharmaceutical rep, so we thought we'd play it up a tiny bit. I decided to make some candy-filled pill bottles as the take home gift!
Here's how I did it:
I searched and searched for empty pill bottles. Some pharmacies will sell them to you, but I just bought a box off of Ebay. It was $5 for 50 bottles, plus $10 shipping. 
The shipping cost was a bummer to me, but that's shipping for you. It would've been about the same cost from a pharmacy.
I put them all in the dishwasher, labels and all. I was hoping the labels would come off on their own once washed…they didn't. I just stuck the new label right over the old one and it turned out great anyway!
I bought a big bag of “pill-looking” candy. I happened to get it on clearance from Target, woo hoo! Was $5.99, on sale for $3.38.

 Once the bottles were cleaned, I got out my cheap $1 ribbon that I stock up on from fabric stores. I decided to go with a pale pink (so girly, right?!).

I used GIMP and made my own custom “prescription” labels. I used Google to find the RX image, the bar code, and to check out other labels to see what they typically look like. This is the one I liked best:

And I took ideas from it to make my own:

I printed them out on mailing labels that I bought from Xpedx. You can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere, just FYI, but I was in a hurry and it was the closest to me!
I attached the labels, and filled them with candy. I was surprised by how much they held! The bottles said they held about 90 pills each, so it ended up being about 2-2.5 handfuls of candy. I never thought they would hold that much.
Buy more than you think you need!

I glued a little bow on each one, arranged them in a cute matching basket, and had them at the top of the stairs for guests to grab as they left the party. 
I ran out of time to and couldn't make a cuter sign, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the time to make yours much cuter than mine!

And there you have it! Everyone got a kick out of them, and now I have a bunch of leftover pill bottles to use for crafts, candy, kids toys, etc. (It's nice that they are child-proof!)
There you have it!


  1. AvatarVanessa says


    I LOVE your labels! Is there any way that you could send me your file so that I may customize them for my party? I would so appreciate it if you could!


  2. AvatarMary Dawson says

    I love your labels would you share your file with me asap. I have a church event I am planning. Prescription for Unity. I love your creativity.

  3. AvatarMarilyn says

    I just love this. Been looking for something like this. I’d thought about using
    M&M’s, the mini ones. for “pills”. Cute.

  4. AvatarTina says

    This is awesome! Having a surprise 60th for my mom and would love to do this. Can you share file so I can customize?! Thank you soooo much!!

  5. AvatarMichelle banister says

    Could you please email the template of your labels I’m in nursing school and doing a project. Thank you.

  6. AvatarMarkita Burris says

    Hello, I’m doing a medication presentation in nursing school in a few weeks and I would love to use this template and candy idea as a little treat for my classmate, audience. I already purchased the containers and labels. Can you tell me how to get this template or email me the direct link. Thank you in advance! I’m sure this will win over the crowd.

  7. AvatarAlison says

    I love the pill bottle idea. I am a nurse and for nurse week we are trying to make pill containers as little gifts for all of the nurses on the unit. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your label template?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Unfortunately I don’t have it any more, I’m so sorry! It was from YEARS ago on a super old computer. I basically searched “RX label” online and just recreated my own in the label making section of Word. It wasn’t too difficult, sorry I don’t have the template though!

  8. AvatarAlison Legg says

    So I just recently used this label with the barcode and just modified it in paint and has anyone actually scanned the barcode? IDK if this was just an awesome joke or a happy accident but it links to a pretty funny item on amazon!! Go ahead and scan it and see where it takes you…. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    • Avatartori m says

      Hey! so I have a couple of questions for you 1) would you be willing to send your label template. 2) where did you print your labels at? and 3) were you able to find vials cheaper anywhere besides amazon/ebay? im planning to do this for my wedding in a few months. thanks for any help!

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