DIY Pot Holder Purse Caddy

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Enjoy this guest post from my favorite gals over at Find it Make it Love it!
We are so excited to be guest-posting on FCF today! This project we're going to show you is so simple, so cheap, so easy, and it's something every bag should have! Who doesn't need a little caddy to hold all those random purse items like bandaids, sunscreen, bobby pins, pain relievers…anything really!  The best part is that we have seen purse caddy's for up to $60. Ouch.  We are happy to say this pot holder purse caddy not only works perfectly, but you can make it for just $1!  (Hint…we'll even show you how to make a smaller one too, perfect for the kids.)  Ready to make your own??

Pot Holder Purse Caddy 

What you'll need:

  • Rectangle hot pad  (ours came in a pack from Walmart or you can even grab one from the dollar store)  or square for a smaller caddy
  • needle & matching thread
  • button
  • snack size baggies
  • 2 clothes pins
  • sewing machine


(Don't worry, we even have a video at the end of the post to show you how!)
First step, fold the hot pad in half and sew a button on one side making sure it matches up with the loop on the opposite side.
Next, place a snack size baggie on one side of the hot pad.  Use clothes pins on each end to hold it in place.  (The opening of the baggie needs to be along the outer edge of the hot pad.)
  Sew the baggie. We found it best to sew the baggie's on one at a time.  And when we say that, we really mean:  Do not try sewing more than one baggie at a time – it might be a crooked, crazy mess if you do. ; )
Repeat this step until you have sewn 3 baggies on this side.
Now, do the same on the opposite end of the hot pad.  Be sure to leave a gap between the two sets of baggies so the caddy will fold easily when filled.
Once those are sewn, it's done!   Just fill it with your purse essentials!

Now for the kids!

They need stuff on the go sometimes too, right?
 We picked up some smaller square hot pads from the Dollar Store and made some little caddy's for the kids.  (These would be great for anyone of course, they are just smaller.)
For the smaller square hot pads, just use 3 baggies on one side.
Also, sew a little further up on the baggie so it will fit well in the hot pad.
This is perfect for an over night stay at a friends or grandma's.
This would also be great in every kids dance, or sports bag!
We have a short video tutorial as well!
Now before you know it, you'll be known as the lady who has everything when you're on the go! Being prepared and organized feels good, doesn't it? Thanks for having us!
DIY Pot Holder Purse Caddy
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Thanks so much ladies, can't wait to use mine! (Yes, you better believe I have one and I'm going to show it off to the world). Wouldn't this be such a cute gift idea for a new mom? My wheels are turning with the possibilities…
Happy caddy…ing…!


  1. Lori

    Love it!!!

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Isn’t it the cutest??

      • Karan

        I think it’s adorable

  2. ashley

    Thank you so much for writing uo this great tutorial. My plastic baggies keep getting holes in them when the needle goes through. Did you have this problem? What kind of baggies did you use?

  3. Dawn

    this was way easier than I thought it would be! Even my teenage son thought it would useful and manly to have one!

  4. Margaret Mary Myers

    I’m thinking you could also use it for snacks, as long as they were small and flat, since you are using food grade plastic.

    Thank you for sharing this idea!


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