DIY Advent Calendar…all you need is scrapbook paper!

Nov 20, 2014 | DIY, Holidays, Inside FCF, Lifestyle

DIY easy advent calendar...all you need is scrapbook paper! From

Hey! It's Mel and Steff back from Find it, Make it, Love it! We are so excited to share this super easy Christmas Advent Calendar with you today! It is seriously the easiest Christmas craft ever – no special skills required, and uses very few materials…all you really need is some cute scrapbook paper to make it look incredible! Let us prove it to you:

Here's what you need:

Christmas Advent Calendar (2)

Here's how you do it:

  • Cut squares of paper to fit each little box. You will want to cut 2 of each pattern – one for the front of the box and one for the back.

Christmas Advent Calendar (1)

We fell in love with this vintage Christmas paper!

Christmas Advent Calendar (20)

  • Next, brush on glue or Mod Podge and attach the paper to the box.

Christmas Advent Calendar (17) Christmas Advent Calendar (16)

  • Now it's time to add the numbers and embellishments! We chose to use number stamps.

Christmas Advent Calendar (19) Christmas Advent Calendar (15)

Remember to START with 25 and END with 1, since it's a Christmas countdown!

Christmas Advent Calendar (14)

  • Last step is to hot glue the ribbon and bow. Be sure to run the ribbon down the sides only, not the bottom (so it will stand flat).

Christmas Advent Calendar (13)


And…voila! Cutest Advent Calendar EVER.

Christmas Advent Calendar (12)

Last step is to fill the boxes with something fun! You could write up a small activity to do each day, or if you're like us and would rather avoid the added stress of having an activity to tackle every night, you could opt for a small treat.

4x6 landscape reuse - Page 007

With little kids it's so fun for them to be able to look at the countdown and know that whatever number we're on is how many days there are until Christmas!

Christmas Advent Calendar 4x6 landscape reuse - Page 006

We added some pretty gold deer to the a couple of the backs too. 😉

Christmas Advent Calendar (6)

Christmas Advent Calendar (4) Christmas Advent Calendar (10) Christmas Advent Calendar (12)

So easy right?! We finished this baby in no time and are so thrilled with how simple it really was!

Come on over to for more good, crafty fun!

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Thanks for sharing, ladies!


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