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Have you heard the rumors? Disneyland tickets are going up in price this year… AGAIN! *hits head with frying pan* Have no fear, I got in touch with my friends at Get Away Today and they are giving Freebs a discount on tickets to save you some SERIOUS money (up to $32 PER TICKET)! Here's the catch…don't wait until it's too late, these ticket discounts are only good through February 21st! (FYI – You don't have to travel by February 21st, just book the tickets by then.) Here are the details…

If you have been saving up for a Disneyland trip you might want to consider booking now and using their layaway plans. You can get all the information HERE.

See my big Disneyland On The Cheap series for details on how we did Disneyland a couple of years ago. It's definitely an investment vacation. It's important to plan ahead and save every dime possible so it doesn't break the bank!

We had so much fun when we went and can't wait to go back!

How to do Disneyland on the cheap...and do it with kids! A 3-part series with everything you'd ever need to know! From