Discounted DISNEYLAND tickets! Available at

I'm so excited I might just wet myself. (Did I seriously just say that to cyberspace? I really have no pride left…) BUT IT'S TRUE! Why, you might ask? For a few reasons. I'll get to all of them in the post, I promise. But the most important?


I love Disneyland. I've been dying to take our kids since the day they were born, but my practical husband set a hard/fast “no Disney until 4 years old” rule. Bah Humbug.

With my oldest turning 5 in January, it's FINALLY time! Remember the super cute DIY Disneyland Savings Jars? We made one and have been saving pennies as a family since March (all along planning to take the kids in February but making them think we'll only go once the pennies reach the top of the jar, which will happen with careful/sneaky planning. Muahahahaaa).

I'll admit, I'm no Disney pro; I've only been a few times in my life. Since I‘m determined to do Disney they RIGHT WAY, I thought I'd share all my great finds with you! (Follow my new Disney Pinterest Board for tons of tips.)

My first great Disney find? Get Away Today.

Get away today

I recently discovered them and am loving them for a few reasons:

  • They offer great hotel deals

Get Away Today is the leader in Disneyland vacations. They really do offer the best deals on hotels, including free night specials and exclusive offers like free breakfast, free parking and waived resort fees at select hotels, etc. They even give free gifts with package purchases.

  • They have a “Layaway Lock-in plan”

It allows you to hold your Southern CA vacation for as low as $125 down. You can make as many payments as you’d like prior to travel. Then, your vacation just needs to be paid off two weeks prior to travel. Read all the details about a Layaway Lock-in plan or set up online at

  • They offer discounted Disneyland tickets!

They have lowered their ticket prices for the rest of the year, for travel this year (so yes, it's last-minute). The offer is only on new orders and will only be available until they run out of tickets, just FYI! Here are the details:

  • Save up to $26 per 3-Day Park Hoppers
  • Save up to $30 per 4-Day Park Hoppers
  • Save up to $10 per Premium Character Dining Tickets (includes tax and gratuity)
  • Save up to $22 on Southern California CityPass Tickets (save $126 total over gate prices)

Offer is only for new orders and not applicable on e-tickets. It is good for tickets only, or as part of a package. The tickets are only available while supplies last, so you might want to jump on it. They can get 2014 tickets here: Be sure to use the code FCF2015 to get an extra $10 off any 2-night or longer Southern California package (hotel and 2 ticket minimum).


They have been great to work with and they have been a part in making the MECCA Conference happen.  So if you have been wanting to go, here is a great opportunity to get a great deal!


Mecca is only 25 days away!  (Don't know what I am talking about? Go HERE to find out more.) As I mentioned the other day, virtual tickets are now on sale for those who can't make it in person. For those who want to come party in person (highly recommended!), we are having one LAST sale on tickets! Until January,

Use the code “LASTCHANCE” to save $10 of individual ticket (until Jan 1)


Buy 1 ticket, get 1 50% off! Grab your spouse and/or friends and save a bundle!

 We are running low on seats so if you want to come, MOVE YOUR BUNS. Click the button below for more info and to register:

register here