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Hey, will you go on a date with me? No, really.

This is crazy-last minute, but that's how I roll so let's go with it. Ever since my amazing red carpet event at Toscana a few weeks ago, I've had this nagging idea to do regular fancy date night/mini couple financial Boot camps, where we eat good food, make new friends, and Bubba and I share all of our secrets regarding family finance, talking about finances without killing each other, fundamentals like budgeting and how much to pay for things, dividing up financial responsibilities in the home…in a hands-on way.

So…let's do it!

The catch is that Bubba is gone for work, which makes doing a date night with him tricky. The good news? He's flying into town THIS WEEKEND! So if we can get enough couples to sign up (again, last-minute, sorry…) then we can pull it off! If not, we might need to wait a little while. But really, you'd be crazy NOT to come! Here are the details:

  • THIS Saturday, August 9th from 7 – 9pm
  • At Toscana in down town Salt Lake City
  • Only $50 PER COUPLE! Yes, you read that right. It includes dinner for two (appetizer, main course, and dessert) at Toscana, a fine dining Italian restaurant (in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City = romantic as heck). Yes, folks, that's only $25 PER PLATE…less than you would pay at Olive Garden (and trust me, this place is about 1,000x better than Olive Garden). It also includes all handouts/workbooks, and presentations/one-on-one help from Bubba and I.

Registration and additional details HERE

But wait, there's more!

Since we're in a pinch and need a certain number of couples for this to happen so last-minute, if you bring a friend (couple), you get $10 0ff for every couple you bring* (up to $50 discount)! Bring a few friends and you're talking an incredibly inexpensive (or even free!) date night that will (literally) change your lives forever. (*If you refer a friend, email [email protected] with their name once they have registered and we will refund $10 back to you).

The best part?

YOU get to decide to topics we cover!

Once registered, we will send out an email asking exactly what topics you would like Bubba and I to present about. We will tailor our presentations to be the perfect fit for the group we have. We will also offer 1-on-1 help, Q&A, and will pour on the wit and charm at no additional cost.

But you had better hurry!

We need to know by Friday (8pm MST) if we have enough couples to make the magic happen this weekend. (If you buy a ticket and we don't get enough couples, we will refund your money and will let you know first thing Saturday morning). So, please forgive me for the scramble, but call your love, nab a sitter, and come have the best date night of your life.

Ready to reserve your spot?

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (and additional details).

Really, come hang out with us. You know you want to.

bub & Jo

Hope to see you Saturday!