Frugal Date Night Deals!! Have you planned Valentine's Day with your sweetie? We can help!
The ultimate DATE NIGHT DEALS are here! It's that time of year again, Valentines Day is upon us. For this Frugal Find Friday we found some of the BEST date night deals to shower your sweetheart with love! If you are a last minute planner (like yours truly…), we've got you covered! We have discounts (some exclusive to Freebs only!) to my favorite date of all time (an escape room in Utah!!), my new $1 movie secret (and obsession!), an awesome e-card subscription (so you never forget a holiday or birthday again), and a BIG discount on flowers! Ready for the goods?


First up,

My movie-watching obsession with VidAngel

Frugal Finds for Date Night! Have you planned Valentine's Day with your sweetie? We can help!

Have you heard about VidAngel?! If not, BUCKLE UP…it's going to change your life. I don't say that lightly. If Netflix, Redbox, and Cleanflicks had a better-looking, more talented baby, this would be it. In a nutshell it's like Netflix because it streams online; no physical DVD's. It's like Redbox because they have new releases. And it's like Cleanflicks (an old company that went out of business) because you can filter ANY movie, as much or little as you want! With VidAngel you could take an R-rated movie and filter it down to PG if you wanted to. Trust me, we've tried! It's literally a heaven-send.

Bubba and I don't watch R-rated movies, for example. 9.9 times out of 10 it's just too crude for our taste. But with VidAngel we watched American Sniper, a VERY graphic, violent movie with over 300 swear words, and filtered it all out. The torture scenes, the profanity, even some of the gore and violence…and it didn't affect the movie! We hardly even noticed. You can filter as much or as little as you want. You can change your mind mid-movie with one click, you can change filters from one movie to the other…I can't say enough about this. We like to stream ours from my laptop to our TV or theater room using the ChromeCast we got for $30 around Black Friday a while back.

Oh, and did I mention an SD movie is only $1, and HD is only $2??

No more running back to the RedBox at midnight, after having the DVD way too long. Keep it or “return” the movie as soon as you're done watching…and $1 is all we spend.

I can't say enough about VidAngel! I so badly want this company to do well because it's about time we start filtering out some of the junk that's in our media these days. But whether you use it for the filtering or not, using it for the streaming is worth it in and of itself because it's like RedBox, without the hassle.

Try VidAngel for yourself, it'll be the perfect end to your romantic date night!

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1-800FLOWERS – Up to 40% Off Arrangements

Frugal Finds for Date Night! Have you planned Valentine's Day with your sweetie? We can help!

Who doesn't love flowers?? (Well, actually, I prefer a note or dinner or chocolates, but who's asking me anyway?) I guess my biggest issue with flowers is the cost. Enter Ebates! They have a deal with 1800-Flowers right now that gives you cash back AND 40% off arrangements! Run, don't walk, click over to Ebates, and type in 1800-Flowers. It will pull it right up, and WHAMMO! Flowers on the cheap (and cashback to spend later!). You can also use Ebates to get cash back on Groupon,, Home Depot, Walgreens, Ebay, Target, Overstock…basically anything you ever buy online…ever. I swear Ebates works, I use it every time I shop online (ANYWHERE) and I've gotten hundreds of dollars back over time, if you remember from this post.

One thing I discovered from Ebates that I really like is Hallmark's e-card plan:

Frugal Finds for Date Night! Have you planned Valentine's Day with your sweetie? We can help!

Keeping up with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers… ACK! I can't keep track of it all, especially with my prego brain. Ebates has 20% off Hallmark's E-Cards subscription (plus cash back, of course) – making it just over $14 a YEAR, just a little over $1/month! Think how much cards are, people! If you send 3 cards with your subscription, you've paid for it! Plus, the special people in your life will feel so loved, and that's worth its weight in gold.

Head over to Ebates, and save on basically everything you need for Vday!

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20% off THE ESCAPE KEY Escape Room (AKA Best Date…. EVER!)

Frugal Finds for Date Night! Have you planned Valentine's Day with your sweetie? We can help!

YOU GUYS. Have you ever done an Escape Room???? They are popular and you can find them in your city, I have no doubt. For you Utahns, the best date I've ever been on was to The Escape Key, located in downtown Salt Lake City. I loved it so much I did it twice – with couples, and then again with just girlfriends. The jist is they lock you in a room and you get 45 minutes to get out. You walk in and the room looks totally unassuming, and then you start moving things, going through drawers, rifling through pockets of jackets and realize there are clues everywhere that eventually help you find the key and get out. It gets so intense and is SO STINKING FUN! Don't believe me? Check out our CELEBRATORY VIDEO for proof.

What happens when you lock 8 crazy ladies into a room for 60 minutes and tell them to find clues to get out? You have the best night of your life, that's what!!! Freebs, I'm quickly becoming obsessed with escape rooms! Went to The Escape Key ( for my bff's bday and couldn't believe how much fun we had. Highly recommend it. Cute, local couple started it, way too smart for their own good. Couples, friends, team building, GNO, family, it is seriously the best group activity. Wholesome, clever fun! Escape Key has 3 different rooms. We chose the Sherlock room and it was HARD! But don't you worry, we got out with 30 seconds to spare and thought I was going to wet myself. The good news? I talked them in to offering a discount for you guys (obvs)! Use the code FCF20off to get 20% off your entire reservation!!! Wedding party? Sweet 16? First date? Find an excuse and GO. Hope you have as much fun as we did! Happy bday Breezy!

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I loved it so much I asked, and The Escape Key provided a 20% off coupon, JUST FOR US FREEBS!

Visit The Escape Key online to book your visit, and enter the code: FCFLUV at checkout to get your 20% off!  

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That's it for this week!

What are you up to this weekend? Found any great deals? Share with us all below!

…and have a fabulous LOOOOOVE day 😉