I'm still enjoying my time in Oregon with family, sorry I've been a bit on hiatus! (Gotta love vacay.)
My folks are caravanning back to Utah with me tomorrow, so we're packing up today. Part of preparing for a trip is going through the fridge and:
  1. TOSSING anything that can't be salvaged (don't want to come home to a stinky fridge…) and
  2. FREEZING anything that can be frozen (HERE's an example). By anything I mean anything. Leftover meals (I freeze them right in their Tupperware containers. If they are gross when they thaw out…at least you tried!), fruits/veggies, milk, juice, cheese, you name it.
Especially when it comes to fruit, rather than throwing it out…find a creative use for it! The idea came from THIS post from way back when.  Here are some ideas for you:
Creative uses for fruit, RATHER than trowing it out:
  • 1. Make smoothies (like I did HERE a long time ago). 
    • You can put ANYTHING in a smoothie. Veggies, fruit, leftover juice, half-eaten yogurt, you name it. I have a Blentec blender from Costco and love it. That thing can blend a rake (literally) so it always comes out smooth and good. If your fruit is on the way out, blend it up! Top it with whipped cream and you can't go wrong.
  • 3. Make fruit leather.
    • Didn't know you could do that, did ya? 🙂 Click HERE to see how.
  • 4. Cook/bake it.
    • Make a pie, cobbler, or dessert, 
    • put it in a jello salad, 
    • grill it (grilled pineapple?? yes please…), 
    • cook with meat, 
    • make into a soup,
    • add it to muffins, 
    • cook it down into a syrup, 
    • add it to pancakes, 
    • make into applesauce and use instead of oil in many recipes, 
    • use bananas instead of eggs when baking, 
    • make banana bread…
    • the list goes on and on and on (saying aaaay oh, gotta leeeeet go…..)

I recommend allrecipes.com. Type the fruit you have into the ingredient search and it will pull up a bajillion recipes that use that fruit.

  • 5. Dry it.
    • Use a dehydrator and dry the fruit. You can even do it yourself. I tried it once in the oven and it didn't work for me, but I must've done it wrong…
  • 6. Make baby food. 
    • Cook the fruit down in a crockpot with some water, or simply blend it to a pulp! Put it in leftover baby food jars, label the jar, freeze it, and you have homemade baby food for cheap (with no sugar added!).
  • 7. Puree it.  Puree the fruit in a blender (you can add a little water to make it go farther if you want). 
    • Put it on top of ice cream, 
    • mix it in with applesauce for your kids, 
    • add it to oatmeal, 
    • add to yogurt, 
    • make into popsicles, 
    • make into a slushy drink
    • freeze it for later.
  • 8. Freeze it.
    • Peel bananas and freeze them in a baggie to use for smoothies. Wash berries, let them dry, spread them out on a cookie sheet, sprinkle sugar on them, freeze the entire pan, then put in a ziplock and freeze. Use for ice cream toppings, smoothies, desserts, or just for a cool treat. As long as the fruit is peeled, you can freeze ANYTHING. I recommend slicing or dicing the fruit first before freezing it though. Freezing a peach whole (for example) will make it mushy when it thaws. However, frozen grapes are awesome. 
  • 9. Freeze in ice cubes.
    • Looks fancy shmancy (and tastes good!) for parties.
  • 10. Make into a slushy drink.
    • Click HERE for lots of recipe ideas.
  • 11. Make into popsicles.
    • Click HERE for lots of recipe ideas.
The list seriously could go on forever.
The take-home message? DON'T THROW ANYTHING OUT before trying to get creative. Remember how that's the C in my “F.A.C.T's of saving“?…there's a good reason for that 🙂
What are some creative uses for fruit that YOU have used in the past?

 Happy Thursday 🙂