Cowabunga Bay Discount Tickets – Exclusive to FCF readers, this weekend only!! (Utah)

When I recently moved to Draper, UT one of the “perks” for me was that Cowabunga Bay (water park) is literally down the street. It's brand spankin' new, right off the freeway, has tons of fun attractions, offers swimming lessons, and the biggest perk for me, is VERY (little) kid-friendly.
They are offering an exclusive 40% promo code to FCF readers.
This will get you a $22.95 day pass for just $15.95. 
You can use the pass any time during the season…but you'd better hurry and buy because the promo code is good for this Memorial Day weekend ONLY!
Pop on over to their Facebook page and LIKE them (spread some love) Go to their “order” page on their website, Enter the promo code FCFCOWA Choose your number of day passes, and enjoy!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend…and let me know when you go swimming, I'll join you! 🙂

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