Coupon clipping vs. Price Matching

Coupons vs price mathcing
I know today is “Friend Feature Friday” but I'm going to switch it up a bit and talk about an interesting subject, since I found this awesome video I wanted to share (see bottom of post)….Coupon clipping vs Price Matching
 Duhn, duhn, duuuuuuhn!

Many of you might know by now that I am not a fan of coupon-ing. I haven't caught “the bug” that many people have. The reasons I choose not to coupon-clip when buying groceries are:

  1. It takes too much time for my taste.
  2. I don't really like grocery shopping anyway, and REALLY don't want to have to go to multiple stores, multiple times a week (plus, we only have one car right now so my time with a car is very valuable to me any more!).
  3. I don't buy name-brand items because I can typically find no-name items cheaper.
  4. Most of the items you get with coupons are pantry or freezer items and are full of preservatives and unhealthy additives.
  5. You can save a ton on non-food items, but you have to store them, and end up with a lot of stuff that you would never need or would never buy if you didn't have a coupon in the first place.
(BOO! Hiss!!)

I know many of you completely disagree with me, but that's simply MY opinion that I've gathered from MY own experiences. If coupon-ing works for you, great! Keep going!

I choose to PRICE-MATCH and DEAL SHOP instead. See how I do it HERE. By deal shopping I mean:
  • buying bulk,
  • stocking up when on sale,
  • buying items for price (thus disregarding brand most of the time)
  • price-matching at one store so I get the best deals in one stop,
  • and buying only what I need.
I've talked a lot about price-matching and deal shopping before (remember THESE posts?). The reason I like deal shopping is:
  1. It's easier for me to plan my meals around the foods I buy when I deal shop.
  2. I tend to save the most on produce, protein, and fresh and healthy items.
  3. I only have to shop once or twice a month and spend only about 5-10 minutes in prep time.
  4. Some storing of extra items is required, but nothing like the storage space you need when coupon-ing.
  5. My family is small so I don't need all the extra stuff. Maybe my mind would change if I had a family of 6.

FOR EXAMPLE… I just went to Wal Mart yesterday to get a few items. Through price matching (I used I  spent about 3-4 minutes on the computer before I left, and saved a bundle by getting:

  • CHICKEN (fresh, not frozen in bags): Regularly $1.99/lb, price matched for $1.59/lb (this is an amazing deal, stock up!!)
    • Savings: $4.80
  • FRENCH BREAD: Regularly $1.50/loaf, price-matched for $0.88/loaf
    • Savings: $1.24
  • CILANTRO: Regularly $0.50ea (or more), price-matched for 6 for $1
    • Savings: $2.04
  • WATERMELLON: Regularly $4.95ea, price-matched for 9lb for $0.99
    • Savings: $4.13
I only needed a few things, only went to one store, spent less than 5 minutes preparing, and saved a quick $12.21 on only 4 items!
Everyone has their own opinions, but I have found deal shopping to be a great fit for my lifestyle, my interest level in shopping, and for my family.

How do YOU prefer to shop?? I'd love to hear it! Email me at [email protected] or leave a comment, you might just get featured on Friend Feature Friday!

Click HERE (or watch below) to see an interesting video that might just change your mind on the way you shop. Which shopper do you think got the better deal??

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  1. AvatarTara : Damon says

    I totally agree… Couponing gets you a ton of junk food, I feel like- why would I want to buy 100 candy bars or 10 bottles of soda? Also, since we are in an apartment, we don’t have the room either. I love that walmart is especially good at price matching. If you life in Provo, we used to do the buy-lo produce-wednesday sales and take the ad to walmart to pick up everything in one grocery trip. I’m all about deal shopping!

  2. AvatarProud Mommy says

    I did couponing for about 2.5 years and I have to say it worked really well for me. I was able to get free tuna, pasta, deodorant, toothpaste, and TONS of other stuff. I basically got our daily groceries + my 3 month supply of food + 4 chest freezers full of food for about $150/month. Granted I live close to a few grocery stores so I didn’t mind going to more than 1 store.
    But I started to not like shopping after a while and got tired of it so right now I just do occasional couponing, but mostly just look for good deals. I think Utah is unique in that they have low prices that you can price match. The rest of the “real” world is much more expensive. And price matching doesn’t work all the time. Like, here the generic albertsons sour cream is on sale, but Walmart won’t price match because they don’t carry “albertsons” sour cream. So you still end up going to more than 1 store sometimes if you want to save money.

  3. AvatarGanine says

    I do both (oh and I am to lazy to email this is easier) I use coupons for stuff I would buy anyways and price match. I don’t get the Sunday paper. So my coupons come from the inserts you get once a week, the computer, and sometimes the All You magazine( I flip through this at the store to see if there are any coupons I would use) I have saved money by doing this. But, I don’t buy lots of junk food. I am kindof a mixed bag. But, I don’t drive to different stores. I get food from Wal Mart(except produce there produce is horrible), Costco or Sams Club whichever one is closer, Rancho Market or Reams for produce plus it is on the way home for Miguel and he can swing by and it makes him happy, and we are trying Bountiful Baskets.But, I am about the cheapest way which also includes my time, since I have very little of that.

  4. Avatarkami says

    I am with you – I don’t do coupons because it takes too much time and a lot of it is stuff we don’t eat, plus living with food allergies makes it so I really can’t shop at anything but the health food store (there just aren’t the options I need at a regular grocery store). To keep costs down, I also buy in bulk, stock up when there are good sales, etc.

  5. Avatarvhauser says

    I agree, I don't have time to coupon shop! I have 2 very active boys who consume a lot of groceries; I work 2 jobs plus go to school in the fall, so there is no way I have the time or patients for Couponing. Space is a bit tight too. Thank you for all your help.

  6. AvatarNichole says

    99.99% of coupons are for fake food items that I never, ever purchase. But boy if they ever come up with a coupon for fruits or vegetables or unadulterated meat (not to be confused with processed meat products) I'd be all over them.

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