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There's one thing you should know about me…
I love Halloween.
Seriously, it's so much fun!
I'm not so into the creepy, bloody, dead stuff, but I love the 
dressing up
fall festivals and activities
trick or treating,
…and…did I mention candy?
Because of my love for Halloween I will pop in occasionally with a new HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN, just to make sure you're all getting as excited as I am.
So here we go, folks, the first countdown post!
Can you believe Halloween is only 30 days away? 
Get ready kids, our costumes this year 
are going to be epic.
P.S…NEVER pay full-price for a Halloween costume! That's a no-no! More on this to come, I promise.
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To commemorate the first day of October and the swift approach of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I'd show you how to throw a fun, cheap, or free Halloween party!
Because, come on,
that is what I do, after all.
This is a party that some friends and I threw way back in 2010, when my oldest was just a little guy. I took lots of pictures, and now I know why! I was meant to share it with YOU, all these years later!
This was thrown together somewhat last-minute and we were all working on little to no budget, so it really was a FCF party to the max. 
Here's what we came up with:


I found some caution tape…um…I can't remember where. Walmart maybe? I feel like they have everything. Anyway, I had that placed randomly throughout our house and outside.

The huge inflatable skull I got for $4 the year before during the after-Halloween sales. I placed a cheap black light behind it, I've had it since high school and can't remember where I got it.

I got this foam sign from the dollar store
I printed this sign using Word
I cut up a black garbage bag and hung it so people had to walk under it to get up the stairs. It was a cheap free effect, and it helped make the entryway stay dark for the black light to work better.
I bought some white and red candles from the dollar store. I lit the red one and dripped the wax down the white ones, giving a bloody effect. 
Gnarly, eh?

I bought some black-light light bulbs from Walmart and replaced my kitchen bulbs with them. Note: they don't work very well, probably not worth the money. However, they did give off a cool purple-ish glow, so take it for what it's worth.

I used black garbage bags and cut them into strips/stuffed them full of other garbage bags to make a spider on my kitchen ceiling, above the food table.

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Every Halloween party deserves dry ice, of course!
We bought a big block of it, cut it into small pieces, and used it throughout the night. A little goes a long way!

We put the water pitcher in a big pot with dry ice and water in it, and we put dry ice directly into the punch.
Dry ice is waaay too much fun.
This is my monster center piece. I bought a foam floral frame from the dollar store (looks like a massive donut), put tissue paper around it so that nasty itchy green stuff wouldn't flake off everywhere, then bought a cheap bag of candy corns and monster chocolate eyes (also from the dollar store I believe). 
I stuck everything on with toothpicks (try to get really soft candy corns so they stick to the toothpicks easily) and filled the jar in the middle with the leftover candy. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it looked so cool!

We made witch fingers by cutting string cheese in half, pressing a slivered almond into the top, and having a bowl of marinara sauce for dipping (which no one did…because it looks so gross). Sorry the picture is bad!! This was pre-blogging skills.

There was a simple black bean dip (like THIS one) with carrots.
Bug brains, of course.

My friend made this AMAZING popcorn mix. It's popcorn mixed with melted white chocolate, Reeces Pieces, and candy corns. This stuff is seriously like a drug to me, I could eat the whole bowl.
Beware, people.

Someone else made these adorable witches hats using round cookies, kisses, and red frosting.

Of course, I had to make my party punch.

These were my favorite creation of the night. Pretty gross-looking, but so cool.

How to make jello worms:
I took a handful of bendy straws, rubber-banded them together tightly and placed them in a tall cup (with the bendy-side down), and filled the straws with red jello (still in liquid form) by gently pouring the jello down the straws with a measuring cup.

I put them in the fridge to let the liquid jello mixture solidify. You squeeze the “worms” out of the straws by sliding your fingers down the straws (starting at the very top of the straw and squeezing the jello out as you move down the straws) and there you go! The effect is sooo cool.

Note: You can add whipping cream to the mix to make them milky, like real worms. Beware, they look reeeeally disgusting. Better instructions on this HERE.

Someone made cupcakes shaped like bats,


As people arrived we taped the name of a famous person (dead, alive, real, make-believe, animal, or human) to everyone's back. Throughout the party they could only ask yes or no questions and had to figure out what name was on their back. It was hilarious, and a great ice-breaker game.

My friend made a “photo stand” using those science fair presentation board things that you can get cheap from Walmart, and some dollar store decorations. We took everyone's photo in front of the stand and emailed them out after the party.

We had a TON of people show up for our party…in our TINY little town home!…
…But we somehow managed to get everyone together for a game of mafia at the end of the night. 

We kept the game simple because the best part of the night was mingling and eating…naturally 🙂
The next day we had just as much fun playing with the leftover dry ice! 
So there you go! That's how we managed to have a fun, cheap, or free Halloween party a few years ago. What do YOU do for your Halloween party??

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