Guys, I hit the mother-load and found the craziest, simplest, most functional little product. ever. But let me first tell you my horror story to explain how this came about.

One day I was down in my basement cleaning up when I heard the sound we all dread… drip. drip. drip. I find the source, which was water steadily and aggressively dripping from the light fixture in the ceiling of our bathroom. Lucky us. NOT. We call a plumber who found the source of the problem. The plumbing in our bathroom directly above the basement bathroom had broken down over time, so it took just one final flush, and our basement bathroom became a kiddie pool. Over $400 and one unfixed hole in our ceiling later, I learned an important lesson: taking care of your plumbing will save you a heck of a lot more money than fixing it after it breaks.

My husband discovered this product at the Pinners conf and we've been fans ever since. Please let me introduce you to our new cute little friend, the DrainWig.


Here's the concept… PREVENTION. IS. KEY. For most of us (women) the main culprit to our oh-so-expensive plumbing system is our own hair. That's right ladies, gross.  This little guy is amazing because it solves the problem, and you'll never have to touch a wad of hair again!

Here's what you do…


You drop the chain into your shower drain, let it sit for 3-6 months looking oh-so-cute and flowery, then you pull out the chain (touching the cute little flower only, mind you) and toss the entire thing (massive lump of nasty hair included) in the garbage.


The amount of hair you pull out (that would otherwise be gathering in your pipes) is enough to make you want to barf. Or actually barf. Either way.

We snatched up several before we could even learn to spell DrainWig, and my husband has been sleeping  like a baby ever since with sweet little visions of never touching a hair ball again dancing like sugarplums in his head.


As funny as it all sounds, think about it…say buh-bye to Draino, hair balls, and clogged drains. Forever. It's the simplest products that make all the difference, don't they?

At just $12.98 for a 2-pack, they are pretty affordable seeing as how you only need to use 2 or 3 of them per year in your shower. BUT…seeing as how I'm the Queen of all things Fun, Cheap, and Free, I got you a deal!

You can get 10% off your order using FCFDEAL promo code

You're welcome. 

Click HERE to learn more and order some to put in your husband's or roommates stocking this Christmas and they'll thank you forever. Your plumber, however, will put you on their naughty list.

Happy showering!

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