Hi y'all!
I'm enjoying a little family vacay in San Fran before heading to Blogher blogging conference in a few days. I wanted to pop in quickly to remind you to come to my class at the upcoming Pinners Conference in Utah!

I was a little worried that no one would want to come to my class (who wants to sit around and talk about budgeting when you can talk about beauty tips and crafting??):

…but the great news?…I've had such a demand for my class…they're having me do TWO CLASSES! (*tear* *sniff* thanks for being interested in talking about boring ol' budgeting, guys!)

They have tons of other awesome classes. So buy a ticket (use code FUN13 for $5 off) and once inside you can go to as many FREE classes as you want!
…and of course, you should all come to mine so we can hang out 😉

Hope to see you there!
(and thanks for the interest in my class. Love you guys!)