Let's do dinner together!


I know this isn't a typical Frugal Find Friday post but I have exciting things to share!

I've been hurting my brain trying to think of how to be able to physically BE THERE for you all more, outside of the pages of this blog. For me, I'd much rather sit with someone for 1 hour and pick their brain about my questions, situation, and scenarios, vs spending 10 hours reading, trying to piece together information on my own. The best way I can think of to allow you to pick my brain is to…well…offer you my brain! I'm making an effort to doing more “in person” projects so I can act as your little go-to pocket budget brain-picker! (say that 5 times fast…)

To kick things off, here are two opportunities coming up in the next 2 weeks to take advantage of if you are here in Utah:

(P.S for those out of state, stay tuned! I have some special goodies coming right up for you too!)

1. Freebs Grocery Shopping Field Trip! – June 16

Grocery shopping field trip with a frugal living expert! UTAH - FunCheapOrFree.com

I did a shopping field trip a while back and I've had many requests for another round, so here we go!

(Note: See the Eventbrite page for even more info)

This Tuesday (June 16th) come shop with me at the Draper Walmart Neighborhood Market  from 8:00pm to 9:30pm. During this trip I will answer your questions, teach you about meal planning, price matching, shopping sales, finding good deals, and learning the art of affordable stockpiling (without needing coupons!).

I will not only walk around the store showing you my tricks, but I will give the group some time to do your OWN shopping so you can apply the lessons you've learned and ask questions while you're at it! So feel free to bring a (big or small) shopping list to get a little grocery shopping done while I am there to help.

**pre-registration is required in order to attend**

Registration is only $10…you will save more than that in the dairy aisle, I promise! But since I'm a Freeb through and through, I'll refund $5 off your ticket if you get a friend to register and come with you! Every person who plans to attend must pre-register. Once your friend registers, email [email protected] and she'll take care of the refund for you!

I'm keeping this outing small, so we have very limited space. Once registered, you will receive an email with specific meeting and prep instructions (so be sure to use your best email address when registering!).

I'm super excited to get to know you, and help you conquer the grocery store.

2. Dinner With Jordan – June 25

******UPDATE!!!!!!!**** I had a scheduling conflict come up all of the sudden so June 25 dinner date is postponed. I will announce a new date ASAP, so stay tuned!!

Let's do dinner together!

(See all the details on the Eventbrite page)

******UPDATE!!!!!!!**** I had a scheduling conflict come up all of the sudden so June 25 dinner date is postponed. I will announce a new date ASAP, so stay tuned!!

Let's do dinner!

Thursday June 25 from 7-8:30pm join myself and a small group of other Freebs (just like YOU) as we enjoy a night of good food, making new friends, and an opportunity to ask questions, get one-on-one help, and just hang out together!

This is a unique, semi-private opportunity to have me at your disposal for a night. Pick my brain about things you've been curious about, ask for help with setting budgets and managing money for your family, or heck, even have me demonstrate my best dance moves (if you dare). Ultimately it's a way for ME to help YOU in-person with whatever it is YOU need! (Even if the need is simply to hang out and become besties, which is obviously bound to happen.)

Come hungry!

The event is at Thai Siam restaurant in Draper, Ut (just off the freeway at the 12300s exit). Dinner is individual (aka “going Dutch”). Order a full dinner and even an appetizer (I know I will) or simply sit and enjoy dessert or drinks. Though their food is already affordable, Thai Siam is offering an additional 15% off your bill and their food is INCREDIBLE (it's my favorite restaurant), so I definitely recommend coming hungry!

Come with questions!

Submit questions privately via email prior to the dinner ([email protected]), or come with questions ready to fire off. Either way, be prepared to utilize me as much as possible for the night!

Seats are VERY limited!

In order to ensure I am able to give ample attention to everyone's questions and needs, I'm keeping the group very small. My previous events sold out quickly, so don't hesitate! Feel free to bring some friends and make a night out of it! And, of course, husbands are ALWAYS welcome (and you will definitely get bonus points for getting your hubby involved). For every person you bring, I will refund $3 off your ticket (up to $12)! Just have them order their ticket, then email [email protected] and she will take care of the refund. Pre-registration is required for everyone who plans to attend.

I'm excited to get to know you and help you in-person. It's going to be a fun night!!


Again, if you aren't in Utah sit tight, I'm working on something just for YOU, I promise!

For those who are local, hope to see you very soon!