The Best Christmas Activities for Kids

Dec 16, 2021 | Baby and Kids, Holidays, Lifestyle

Christmas is such a fun time of year, but it can also be exhausting! We've got a few fun Christmas activities for kids to keep them entertained over Christmas break and help you have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. You've earned it!

You've been working hard, playing Santa, making treats, scheduling events and activities, sending out Christmas cards and more… the Christmas season is magical! True. But mama needs an actual Christmas break. So we put together a list of some of our favorite easy activities to entertain kids! So many of these ideas and projects are perfect for kids to do on their own, they might just need you to give them the idea, help them get started and set a few ground rules so you don't end up with glitter all over the house. Eh, just kidding…

Now most of these activities are FREE, all of them are FUN, but we've also included a few inexpensive ideas that are totally worth it. Thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring this post! The kids just absolutely light up when they see a KiwiCo box arrive in the mail and KiwiCo has absolutely outdone themselves with some fabulously festive projects this year. These hands-on holiday crates are designed to expose your kids to STEAM. They get kids building, creating and developing confidence AND problem-solving skills. We love seeing our kids (of all ages) work together and build their relationships, as well! You do not want to miss these popular holiday crates.

Check out a few of their activities below, and be sure to go check out all their Holiday projects, they are available for a one-time purchase and usually sell out! If you love these projects, you'll definitely want to check out their subscription line with projects you can do all year long.

*Activities with an asterisk are from KiwiCo*


This is the perfect time for kids to stretch that creative muscle and do something artistic.

  • Have a Talent Show – Give kids an assignment to come up with an act or talent they can share and then have a family talent show… this is so fun, you guys! You never know what they'll come up with.
  • Make Paper Snowflakes – A stack of paper and some scissors is all you need for this craft.
  • *Animal Chalkboard Ornaments – KiwiCo has done it again, these are so cute and fun! A little bit of chalkboard paint and chalk and you have adorable ornaments you can decorate again and again. Great to create and gift, as well.
  • Make Christmas Playdough – Add a little peppermint or cinnamon oil to make some sweet smelling playdough, add glitter to make it sparkle!
  • Design an Ugly Sweater – Have your kids cut out and decorate an ugly sweater with whatever craft supplies you have on-hand. Then rank the sweaters and give a grand prize for the ugliest sweater!
  • *Santa's Light-Up Workshop – Make and decorate this cute little workshop for Santa and watch it light up! Kit comes with everything you need and walks kids through the whole process, step-by-step!

We love how easy it is for kids to read the detailed instructions that come with each KiwiCo project in their educational magazine—these are kid-friendly with pictures AND words so all ages can be successful!


You know we love a good project that helps our kids learn something new! These Christmas activities are a great way to try something new.

  • *Crystal Chemistry Tree – Kids can make their own crystal Christmas tree. Not even kidding, how cool is this? Again, everything needed is included. Hand the kids a crate and they can create magic.
  • Make Slime – Green and red slime is the perfect holiday activity… add some glitter if you dare.
  • Gingerbread Ornaments -Cooking is definitely always an experiment!
  • *Christmas Candle Carousel – This project is epic. Kids can build a carousel and harness the power of aerodynamics, light candles and then watch it spin.
  • DIY Snow Paint – There's a lot of ways to do this, but the easiest is dye, water and spray bottles and then just set the kids loose on the snow. Make sure to give them parameters if you don't want your house painted red and green!

I'm telling you, our kids beg to work on these crates, it's like a fun reward, and they don't even realize they're learning. We loooove it!

We absolutely loved these KiwiCo projects and there are even more available in their shop, click HERE to pick your favorites. It might be hard to choose because they are all sooooo good!


Vitamin D is important in the Winter, too! Get out and do something outside of the house for a refresh.

  • Visit Santa – Sometimes Santa visits the park, see if there's a fun local place to visit Santa!
  • Christmas Lights Tour – Grab some hot cocoa and find a local light tour. Or make your own by finding all the best decorated houses in your community.
  • Go Sledding of Build a Snowman – Classic activities that you must do with snow… No snow? Hit the park!
  • Ice Skating – This a fun family activity, there are so many festive skating rinks this time of year and it's magical.

There are loads more activities to do out of the house, check out how to find outdoor activities near you to enjoy, get creative!


All the best Christmas activities involve treats… right!?! These are the best types of Christmas activities to join in on and make a new family tradition. Here are a few of our favorites that you'll want to add to your list today!

  • Bake Sugar Cookies – We love THIS sugar cookie recipe! These ares so fun to roll out and cut into Christmasy shapes and decorate them.
  • Make Treats – Ever been caroling? It's so fun! Christmas time is the best time to make treats and share them with friends and neighbors, sing 'em a favorite Christmas tune when you drop treats off.
  • Decorate Gingerbread Houses – One of our favorite traditions! Grab some of your favorite candies and some graham crackers and frosting for an easy foodie craft.
  • Themed Movie Nights – Pick a fav Christmas movie and plan a corresponding treat — Grinch popcorn, pancakes (Elf), cheese pizza (Home Alone), hot cocoa (The Polar Express), Santa hats (The Santa Claus), you get the idea.
  • Hot Cocoa Bar – Experiment with lots of different mix-ins like peppermint, Reeses, orange, cinnamon and more! Try out this Mexican Hot Chocolate for something new!

If your kids are capable, set them free to makes some of these treats on their own… and if they can make a treat, they most definitely can help with the clean up.


We love fun Christmas games! Some of these the kids can pull off themselves and others you'll just love to do for a fun family night.

  • Saran Wrap Ball Game – An easy game you can change up however you want! Add lots of Christmas goodies, treats, challenges and more to make it special.
  • Minute-to-Win-It Games – These are always fun! Pinterest Christmas Minute to Win It and you'll find so many ideas.
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Put together a scavenger hunt (this is great for all ages). If you have older kids have them come up with clues for the younger kids for a fun afternoon.
  • Don't Eat Pete – Want a fun game for littles, grab this FREE printable.
  • Christmas Present GameThis game is totally epic! If you love presents, laughing and are looking for a good time… this game is your new favorite tradition.

Games are the best way to make special memories and are the perfect way to create new traditions!


Want your kids to spend a little more time reflecting over the break? Have them work on a few of these thoughtful projects, they will definitely help keep the Christmas spirit alive.

  • Create Christmas Cards – Have the kids spend an afternoon writing Christmas greetings and thank yous to all the relatives who sent gifts or who need a little extra love this season.
  • Write a letter to Santa – We've got 3 different adorable and totally FREE stationary designs for you to choose from. We always love sending Santa a big ol' thank you!
  • Donate Toys to a Local Drive – With all the new toys coming in, it's a great time to choose a few to say farewell to and send to another loving home.
  • Volunteer or Serve – It's the perfect time to get out and serve those in need. Find a way to volunteer in your community.
  • You've Been Elfed – We love this fun tradition of anonymously spreading some Christmas cheer.

And there you have it friends, our top 20+ Christmas activities for kids to do right at home! Thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring this post!

The best Christmas activities for kids from Fun Cheap or Free

Don't forget to go check out their holiday crates before they sell out. Don't wait to infuse a little festivity into your Christmas break, click HERE to get your own before they are gone!

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