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$20,000 Personal Microderm Tool Giveaway!!

Today I’m thrilled to share an amazing giveaway! I’ve collaborated with a group of fabulous bloggers to give 100 very lucky readers the chance to win a PMD, A Personal Microderm Tool! There will be 100 winners with a total prize pool valued at $20,000! The secret to smooth, clear and gorgeously glowing skin? Microdermabrasion

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How to sell your STUFF!

One favorite saying of mine and Bubba’s is not to say “We can’t afford it”, but instead to say “HOW can we afford it?” (more on this saying soon). One of the ways we’ve been able to get all the fun “extras” in our life is by selling our unwanted stuff, and using it to

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Last plug for the Live Q&A tonight – submit your questions early if you can’t make it!

Sorry for yet another reminder, but don’t forget about the live Q&A tonight! Find all the details and submit your questions online HERE. Or you can submit your questions early in the form below, but reminder that all live questions that pop up from my Google+ page will be given top priority! “See” you tonight Loading…

Hello? Is anyone home?

Have you missed me? (Um, Jordan, we haven’t even noticed you’ve been gone…) Ok, fine. Either way, I’ve been a touch MIA lately for a few reasons that I feel are important to fill you in on: I’ve been on Vacay. What originally started as a “quick 2-day trip” to a blog conference shifted to a 6-day

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Join our live Q&A #4 coming up on Monday!

“How much should I for babysitting?” “What’s your embarrassing moment?” “How much should I pay my kids in allowance?” “How did you and your husband meet?” “What was it like filming with TLC?” “Why is the sky blue?” Got some probing questions? Join us on Monday to get any and all of them answered! Click

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