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Bleach stenciled t-shirts

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday! I’m working on a few projects of my own that I will share soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d share this cute little diddy that was sent to me. Enjoy! Post found HERE Saturday, February 13, 2010 Bleach Stenciled T Shirts A friend of mine (Hope from the…

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Homemade pumpkin puree

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Seeing as how it’s officially Fall, I’m sure you are starting to smell the cider and pumpkin  EVERYWHERE. While I, personally, thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of the bazillions of amazing pumpkin recipes out there, cans of pumpkin can be expensive and can certainly add up if you are making loads…

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Tons of home remedy tips and tricks

I’m sure we’ve all gotten the email before. You know what I’m talking about, the spam email that you actually happened to read. You know, the one with tons of random home remedy tips in it that you think, “Huh…I should remember this….” Yes, that one. Well, I thought it was about time to go…

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Tag Baby Blanket re-post

I have to apologize… I’ve been busy packing up my house all day (ugh, so much work!!) and COMPLETELY forgot to post for Savvy Saturday! So here is a re-post of an easy baby toy or gift idea in case you missed it: Tag Baby Blanket Click HERE for the easy instructions! Enjoy your weekend…

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Foodie Tuesday recipe: Easy Breezy Freezy Jam

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Today I have a fun recipe for you.  My cute M.I.L, Kris, was in town helping with the baby and noticed my Costco 4lb container of soft, mushy, going-to-waste strawberries in my fridge. She suggested we make jam. I had never made jam before and don’t particularly like to cook…

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How to make dress-up faux “makeup”

Lauralee found this SUPER CUTE tutorial for making faux makeup. I just had to share it with you! This is a perfect way for little girls to play dress up without getting real makeup EVERYWHERE. So cute and easy, enjoy! Freecycle Friday – Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos We decided a long time ago that…