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Organize pot lids with a drying rack!

Today’s tip is easy, cheap, and a life saver. When we moved into our new house there was some junk left behind (downside of a short-sale). We threw out most of the stuff, but a few things we held onto… just in case. (My husband would chime in right now and say “if I had a…

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Tons of home remedy tips and tricks PART II : Creative ways to make your life easier!

Welcome back to “You’re Welcome” Wednesday, where I share a creative tip with you that’s bound to make you say…THANKS! Yup,  got another one.  …Another random (but SUPER helpful) email with some amazing tips in it! (See my first one HERE…also extremely helpful.) I have no one to credit for the content,  photos, ideas, or instructions… I…

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Organize your home with shoe trees

Since we just moved into our new house, I have been trying to come up with creative ways to organize using what we already have (moving is EXPENSIVE!).  One of the most effective things I’ve come up with recently is this: Organize your home with hanging shoe holders Simple, yet so effective! I have one…

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Savvy Saturday project: Fabric and ribbon wreath tutorial

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday!  Today’s project is a fun one that I originally saw HERE.  It’s a creative way to use silk flowers, ribbon, and fabric to create a cute wreath. It doesn’t take much ribbon or fabric to make the flowers so it’s a great way to use up scraps.  Use different color…

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Use PVC pipe to organize curling irons

Today’s tip is one that I, personally, haven’t tried (YET!) but found on Pinterest and just had to share.  (P.S…following me on Pinterest yet?  No?  Shame on you.  Follow me HERE) Today’s tip is: Organize your curling irons & cords w/ PVC pipe Genius, eh? PVC pipe is pretty cheap (HERE are some price examples…