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Exciting news…now introducing DARIN ADAMS from Studio 5 as a Frugality Boot Camp keynote speaker!

I have such exciting news! I officially introduce our newest Frugality Boot Camp keynote speaker… Darin Adams: Co-Host of Studio 5, Utah’s Top (and my favorite…) Morning Show Holy cow, is this retreat going to be amazing!  We have Darin along with 6 other amazing speakers that will all knock your socks off. Check them

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Excited to announce…FIRST ANNUAL Frugality Boot Camp Retreat. Register now!

OH BOY I’m so excited!!!  You ready for it? Here’s the big announcement… Ta-da! Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the FIRST EVER Frugality Boot Camp retreat.  Can you believe no one has ever done this before? To give you an idea of how amazing it’s going to be, here’s a quick rundown

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