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Easy way to unseal your envelopes

Today’s tip is certainly creative: Have you ever went to mail something, sealed the envelope, then realized you forgot something important to add? It happens to me. Pretty much all the time. I usually just tear open the envelope, throw it away, and use a new one…OR I tape it up and it looks really…

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"You’re Welcome" Wednesday tip: Make your soap foam, make it last longer!

We’re starting a new series, “You’re Welcome” Wednesday! We’re calling it “you’re welcome” because on Wednesdays we’ll share a home remedy/money saving/creative tip that you will be sure to love. Thus, you will say “thank you” for sharing it….and we will say “you’re welcome”.Get it? 🙂 The first “You’re Welcome” Wednesday tip is… I found…

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Saving Craving! Savings tip: Mop less often

Today’s tip is hilarious for me. I was watching the Nate Berkus show the other day (love him!) and Jamie Lee Curtis was on there. Apparently she’s an OCD neat freak, and was giving cleaning tips. One tip she gave was so simple and great! She said she rarely mops, which surprised me. Her tip…

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Sneaky chip repair

Tonight I was talking with my mom and she told me the BEST tip. It’s so easy, and FREE! She has these adorable red plates that are the focalpoint of her kitchen. The bummer with bright dishwear, though, is that when it chips (as all dishes do) it’s really noticeable. Marker doesn’t work well because…

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Nail polish remover magic!

Don’t throw out your old shoes if they start getting scuffed and scoffed! Remember the savings in making your things last longer. An easy way to remove scuffs from light-colored shoes?  Nailpolish remover!  Simply apply a little bit of remober with a cotton ball or soft cloth and watch the scuffs vanish. It really works! Nail…