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Use PVC pipe to organize curling irons

Today’s tip is one that I, personally, haven’t tried (YET!) but found on Pinterest and just had to share.  (P.S…following me on Pinterest yet?  No?  Shame on you.  Follow me HERE) Today’s tip is: Organize your curling irons & cords w/ PVC pipe Genius, eh? PVC pipe is pretty cheap (HERE are some price examples…

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Use your straightener as a mini iron

Welcome back to “You’re Welcome” Wednesday where I share a creative tip with you that is bound to make you say…”thanks!” Today’s tip is a super helpful one for me, so hopefully it’s useful for you, too! Most women today have some form of hair straightener at their house.Mine looks like this: (I got it…

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Creative uses for nail polish remover

Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where we “replay” an oldie (but goodie!) savings tip so you don’t miss out on anything! Today’s tip is a good way to use up that old nail polish remover that you might have lying around. Click HERE for the original post. Don’t throw out your old shoes if they…

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Easy DIY Ice Packs

Enjoy this guest post from my friend Lauralee: It’s handy to have ice packs around for various reasons. But the medical-grade ice packs can be VERY expensive! Have you ever considered making your own? This tip I learned from Dr Sears reciently on The Doctor’s. Save money on buying ice packs and take dish soap,…