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How to make your scented oil last longer

I love when my house smells good…especially when it’s warm and sunny outside. There’s something about a clean, fresh, bright scent that makes your home feel even more…well, clean, fresh, and bright! I love these little scented oils from Bath and Body: I have one of these oil warmers to distribute the smell. Just for…

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Home remedies for bags under your eyes

Source I got a question recently from Suz, a reader friend, about bags under her eyes. Here’s what she said: Q: I have “suitcases” under my eyes… heredity mostly.  I’ve tried cucumbers, tea bags,”miracle” applications. The only thing that works is egg yolk but you can’t move a muscle in your face otherwise it cracks…ha,ha…

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Wet down your wet wipes!

source Having just had my 3rd child in 3 years, it’s safe to say that I am single-handedly keeping the wet wipes companies in business.  Thriving, even.  After wiping my 10,000th poopy butt, I learned a little trick that has made my life much easier! Today’s tip is an oldie, but a goodie.  It’s pretty…