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Home remedies for bags under your eyes

home remedies for under eye bags

Source I got a question recently from Suz, a reader friend, about bags under her eyes. Here’s what she said: Q: I have “suitcases” under my eyes… heredity mostly.  I’ve tried cucumbers, tea bags,”miracle” applications. The only thing that works is egg yolk but you can’t move a muscle in your face otherwise it cracks…ha,ha…

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Cheap (or FREE) hair product!

Use lotion as hair product I used to use my husbands’ gooey, stickey, thick, nasty hair cream on my son’s hair. It never worked for very long, and whenever he’d wake up for a nap his hair would be matted and stiff. I didn’t want to keep buying products and testing them…so I came up…

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Stretch your mascara farther

I don’t know about you, but my biggest mascara gripe is that you pay SO MUCH for such a TINY TUBE that never seems to last LONG ENOUGH! Here’s a little mascara savings tip for you:When you mascara is running a little try and is starting to run out, simply add a few tiny drops…

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Chi flat iron deal!

Anyone who has ever straightened their hair knows how damaging it can be. Years ago my hairstylist friend told me to buy a Chi flat iron. They are super expensive, but usually have an amazing warranty and last forever. I have been SO happy with mine. I paid over $100 for it, which was a…

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Ulta Beauty coupon – free shipping

Checkout and get free shipping on orders $25 or more. Just enter coupon code 59031 at checkout. They have TONS of beauty stuff for a great price. Check out their SALES and SPECIAL OFFERS page, it’s nuts. You also get 3 free samples with each order. Also… They have all sorts of makeup and…