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Meet the NEW FCF Team! started somewhat on accident. Wanting to make my family blog private, I started blogging about frugal ideas on a separate blog as a hobby in 2011. For the first 1.5 years I fought tooth and nail to keep it low-key and remain in the “hobby” zone. I quickly realized Freebs were everywhere and…

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Meet our interns!

Our FCF team is continuing to grow, and I can’t go another day without introducing you to two AMAZING ladies who are helping out with important FCF details behind the scene. I’d like to introduce you to…drumroll please… our FABULOUS interns! Becca Hawkes, Graphic Design and Photography Hello!  I’m Becca. I grew up moving around the…

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Introducing…FCF Contributors!

As you all have figured out by now, there are certain aspects of life that yours truly does NOT excel at (crafting, anyone??). Thus, I have decided to bring on a team of expert contributors that will pop in monthly to bring you oh-so-fabuloso posts in areas that I am lacking, to make FCF as…

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Friends, meet Chelsea.

I can’t do it. I can’t hold it in. I can’t take it any longer! I have to shout it from the rooftops, scream it to the world…I’M IN LOVE! With Bubba, obviously. But also in love with my new FCF TEAM! I will introduce you to everyone soon, but first, I have to introduce…